150 Inspiring Typography & Hand Lettering

by Fred Showker

18th Annual Fonts & Typography Surf Welcome to the 2012 Fonts Festival! Hard to believe we've been doing this for eighteen (18) years, but it's true. In this lead article, I'll acquaint you with some of the goodies on deck this year, and get one initial piece of business out of the way!

The Big Crash

... for the past nine years we've called for entries and suggestions, and we have used most of what was sent in. However, a huge reserve of images built up. Then came the hack and the hard crash. Low-life cybercriminals hacked into one of the DTG servers -- the one where the all fonts entries were stored. We employed all the tools we could muster to retrieve the data from the hard drive on the server to no avail. All was lost - except one utility was able to retrieve about 300 JPG files! So, many of the fonts submissions were retrieved. Unfortunately, none of the names, forms entries or emails were saved. So we have no idea WHO sent the entries. If any of these are yours, let us know.

Here are the files we saved . . . .

Lettering Inspiration

Lettering Inspiration ... 70 favorite submissions to the Fall Fonts Festival dating back as far as 2003! Colorful, inspirational, and ultimately fascinating! Enjoy this library of
GO Lettering Inspiration

type and lettering inspiration in monochromatic designs

Monochromatic Lettering & Typography Inspiration Usually monochromatic* means the use of tints and shades of a single color. Most of these samples are black-and-white, but some basis colors are used as well. We pulled 43 samples out of the collection for this special category. Enjoy this library of
GO Monochromatic Type & Lettering Inspiration

3D Typography lettering typographic works

3D, Novelty Typographic Explorations always inspire, entertain and amaze everyone. These are always a joy to receive -- and this collection has some wonderful examples! Here are 40 of the best examples you'll ever see! Enjoy this library of
GO 3D, Novelty Typographic Explorations

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Fred Showker

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