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by Fred Showker

... finding the curiosities and oddities

One of the fascinating developments in the world of typography I'm noticing these days is how the art of typography is filtering down into the masses. Now we're seeing non-design industry folk recognizing and celebrating good typography -- rather than just the ordained select few with formal training. Now, that's not to say that the general population has grasped the skills required ... just that they've noticed and are waking up.

auto emblems

Typography in Auto Emblems

The Art Director, Designer and Illustrator known on Flickr as "Roderick" (and that's about all we can find) seems to have a passion for vintage automobiles, creative arts, and typography. One reader in the blog writes:

" dont need to be fanatical about sports cars to appreciate what Roderick snaps up! beautiful, shiny compositions, where clarity, curves and brilliant tone drip like caremalised dollar bills, from italian designed, streamlined joy!"

We agree. See Roderick's gallery : Emblem & Type

found fonts

While you're there, don't miss his "Found Typography" and "The Art of the Business Card"

Flickr Typography Search

Flickr the public's collection of typography

The wealth of eye candy in Flickr is astonishing! Why would anyone need any of these "look what I found" blogs when you can surf Flickr to your heart's content. Just use their search box and the riches of the world are presented in literally millions of thumbnails... then waste away hour upon hour following the leads you'll find.
Flickr Typography Search

bread font

For instance, we found justintanwy's photostream and were quite amused to see his "Bread" typography example. (The Bread Font)

How many ways can you say "Tee"

"The Moment" is a blog attached to the NY Times, and apparently they've celebrated all the ways the letter "T" (as in Times) has been illustrated for their covers.

Times Tees

We love some of the solutions including these, a collage and lipstick! Times editor Ethan Hauser takes a loving look at all the ways to illustrate "Tee" as he wrote just a few days ago:

T Magazine's birthday is approaching ... A lot of work done. And none are we prouder of than the T's that we commission for each new issue. They are the handiwork of contemporary artists and designers, some already well known and many more who no doubt will be.

And with that having been said, link on over to the : slide show of Ts (Scroll down the page and you'll see years past!)

Typography to wear

cufflinks with ClarendonWell, each year we just have to include something with typography to decorate your life. Last year it was the typography coffee table, this year we just love those sexy Ampersand Cufflinks!

For the best-dressed wrist. The cufflink that's a metaphor for itself: & = and = something that joins things = a cufflink. Useful and stylish as button covers on regular shirts and as cufflinks on French cuff shirts. The ampersand is in venerable Clarendon typeface.
$49 bucks from Veer.

"Upper Case Scarf"

The Helvetica scarf

Or, try the "Upper Case Scarf" ... sports lovers wear letter jackets -- type lovers wear letter scarves. Everyone's favorite Swiss typeface has been transformed into this lacy and literate accessory. Also at Veer.

wearable typography

Typography to wear ... lots of it!

Go only so far as the CafePress web site. Just key in the search word "Typography" and you'll get thousands of items with thousands of type configurations and sayings ready to drain your wallet.

(Even a few by yours truly! Seems everyone and their brother has copied my "helvetica" typeset in Garamond light condensed ... which I stole from Paul Rand!) Give it a try

Don't forget, we will be adding, and the Fonts Fest continues in OCTOBER. Had enough? No? Okay, then just follow along as the ...

15th Annual Fonts Surf continues...

We always invite you to share your favorite freeware or shareware fonts for the DTG readers. Got comments or suggestions? Just give us a shout.

27th Anniversary for DTG Magazine


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