Flowers Font for May

by Fred Showker

Gallo fonts for spring 2010True to form, Jerry Gallo has sent more fonts for May, and we're delighted at his selection ... bringing his font collection to 165...

Fancy Flowers is an all new font set including PostScript Type 1 screen and printer fonts. He includes a PDF file showing all the characters. Fancy Flowers was inspired by textile designs from the nineteenth century. There is an assortment of 47 flowers located under the character set keys.

Gallo Fancy Flowers

The second font in the spring collection is ...

Stature Font by Gallo looks Art Deco inspired

Stature is an original, clean and crisp, sans serif compressed font, which can be used for text or as an effective display font. The font includes upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers, punctuation, accented characters, symbols, and miscellaneous characters. This is a full PostScript Type 1 screen and printer font... there are also PDF files showing the uppercase, lowercase and numbers; and a page of text set in Stature.

sample of stature font by Gallo

Last but not least is the rather clunky, chunky font called

The heavy ROBUST font by Gallo

Robust display font not for text Display Robust is a display font not intended for text use, and not for the faint at heart. It was designed specifically for display, headline, logotype, branding, and similar applications. It has some characters that blend well together, and you'll find the straight vertical strokes and 45-degree angles are perfect for modifications as outlines in Illustrator. It's rather ugly -- and heavy handed, but works well at very small sizes on the monitor, as seen at right. Reserve Display Robust to send a heavy, masculine message.

Display Robust has an uppercase alphabet, numbers, and punctuation, along with a PDF file showing the full set. It's a PostScript Type 1 font with screen and printer fonts

See these and many more at Jerry's legacy page in the Design Center; which will jump you out to his fonts pages on the web.

thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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