DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for Feb. 2016

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 26, #2 ~ February
Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, typographers, digital artists and everyone in the creative fields around here are celebrting Presidents, and Black History Month in the cold, cold winter

  1. February: In search of Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. 26th year of DT&G --- did you miss me ?
  3. Creative Tidbits #201: Trump, Iranian type, Adobe Post, classic signs and more
  4. Photographs that capture a moment of life -- at the exact right moment!
  5. In search of Martin Luther King Jr.
  6. Vintage Valentine's Cuts copyright free clip art on CD-ROM
  7. 60-Seconds #328 : Why do cybercrime spam cartels keep sending the same, tired old spam?
  8. Ad Blockers : people finally had enough and now see no ads! Can you blame them?
  9. 60-Seconds #327 : Who establishes the logo design trends for 2016?
  10. Awesome Steampunk photo manipulations and photo-realistic illustrations!
  11. Creative Tidbits #202: anti-drug drive posters, Bikinis, Photoshop Action and more
  12. Awesome Photographic modifications and manipulations that defy reality
  13. Creative coloring apps for designers and illustrators of all ages
  14. Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time ... inspiration for artists and visionaries
  15. A New Year and A New Look: McDonald's Global Packaging Launches In Style
  16. WATCH for upcoming changes in the sites and in the editorial slant
February 1, 2016

Pump-n-Dump #2

Here's a follow-up to our January article on the Pump & Dump stock scams now barraging everyone's email boxes ... February 5, 2006