Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text

by Guest Writer

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Blending, Gradient, styling

Now right click your, now 3D text, layer and choose 'Blending Options'
In the blending options apply 'Gradient Overlay'
I've used these settings for gradient overlay.

Rusty Text 6

Rusty Text 7

Step 6.

Looks pretty neat already right? Now let's get to the good part. Let's apply some rust!
Take a look at my previous post which included rust freebies., or download this file

I personally would start off with the cracked rust textures (first 4 images) and afterwards go for the 'heavy' rust so you can actually see what you're doing.

Copy a cracked texture into the Rusty Text project and resize [Cmd+T] it to satisfied size of how you want to apply it on your text.
Cut out the part that you want to use using any method you prefer (Lasso, Quickmask Mode or even use the Eraser)

After cutting it out set blending mode to either Darken or Multiply (wichever suits the best)

Rusty Text 8

NOW : Add awesome RUST Textures

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