Designing Women Part 2

by Fred Showker

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Tina and Esther: Little Fury

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Anyone who names their site "little fury" has something going on that nobody else knows about. Maybe that's what's going on with Tina Chang and Esther Mun!
      Be sure to dig into the packaging items ... there are some very cool solutions here.
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designing women who use Photoshop A most unique "About" page

Deborah Adler left Milton

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Adler was a senior designer for Milton Glaser for five years. She left motivated by a desire to make people's lives easier and safer.
      Now, she plies products, packaging, labeling, identity and information systems through her multidisciplinary design studio, Deborah Adler LLC.
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designing women who use Photoshop Images from Deborah's site without the Java!

Jessica Skipworth : Branding

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Jessica, from Melbourne, Australia, has some lucious stuff in her portfolio like this complete pictorial review of her "DELIVER" branding campaign!
      Take a lesson, young designers
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designing women who use Photoshop another sample

Nicolle's Visions of our world

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Nicolle Rager Fuller specializes in bold artwork that pulls you in to visually communicate complex ideas and topics -- from DNA to the stars, infographics to editorials.
      Nicolle creates custom illustrations and design for both print and web. Well versed in reading scientific literature, Nicolle researches relevant materials to advise what graphics have (or not) been done in your subject area, how they can be improved upon, and how best to incorporate the latest research.
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designing women who use Photoshop A collection of Nicolle's stuff on

This is your life

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arm is a multi-disciplinary studio made up of of three partners and a handful of creative collaborators -- founded in 2006 by Aubrey Stalnaker, Rachael Beresh and Megan Deal.
      Nothing else to say.
designing women who use Photoshop The full poster shot

More to follow ...
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GO Vanesa Merulla : whatever it takes
GO Stylin' with Nicole Alesi
GO Photoshop (Designing Women) Madness
GO 17th Annual Designing Women
GO stay tuned for the next edition of Designing Women

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