Heather Keogh : Green Screen Photography

by Fred Showker

Heather Keogh Coffin House Studios Photography

Heather Keogh Coffin House Studios Photography Heather Keogh operates Coffin House Studios Photography, specializing in green screen photography and photoshop. Everything in her portfolio is from a green screen.

Heather Keogh photo montage of posed models

Heather writes :

Quoting begins I am the owner/operator of Coffin House Studios Photography, our specialty is Green Screen Photography. Everything in my profile is from a green screen. I have only been working in studio photography for a little over a year, before I did mostly free lance work for live music. I have had work published in Guitar Magazine and am currently seeking representation for publication. Quoting ends

Heather Keogh photo montage of posed models

Quoting begins I work in a magical realm of photography where the possibilities are endless. Want to explore the ocean without getting wet? Be in the country and city at the same time? I can take you there with my award winning work. Specializing in green screen photography, I can take you anywhere you want to be. Quoting ends

Heather Keogh photo montage of posed models

heather_keogh_mini The image at right is entitled Fallen. It was shot with a Canon Rebel T3i, the subject of the photo was shot on a green screen back drop. Heather used 4 Newer strobes, 2 to light the back drop and 2 to light the model. From there Heather used photokey5 to remove the green screen from the image and to place and arrange the size and angle of the model onto another photograph, birds eye view of a square staircase spiraling down, the model is placed in the stairwell to give the illusion of falling down the stair case in slow motion. A focal zoom was added to the models face and arms to add depth to the illusion. This photo is published in "Best of 2013 Photography", 300 photos out of over 500,000 were chosen for this anthology. It received an award for structure, composition, and illusion of depth.

Heather Keogh photo montage of posed models

Heather Keogh's photo Fallen was published in "Best of 2013 Photography" and awarded for Structure, Composition and Illusion of Depth. Heather's training includes a BA in Photo Journalism and 15 years Experience in the field and in studio. You don't get that kind of professionalism without the experience.

Heather uses a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon Rebel 3Ti and Newer lighting. Her studio is located in Vinton Virginia, or on the web at

GO Coffin House Studios Photography

GO facebook.com/CoffinHouseStudiosPhotography

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