DTG News for March 2013

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 23, #3 ~ March, 2013

  1. March on: Designing Women
  2. DW Photoshop: Create cool, splashy typography using Adobe Photoshop
  3. DW Feature: Are You Stuck in a Spiral? 6 Steps You Can Take To Get Out!
  4. DW Feature: Heather Keogh : Green Screen Photography
  5. DW Feature: LAWS of Authorship
  6. 18th Annual Designing Women Celebration
  7. Photoshop Madness Meets Designing Women
  8. 10 Simple Presentation Tips for Professionals
  9. 60 Seconds Blog : Spectacular Vertical Gardens
  10. 60 Seconds Blog : False Advertising ???
  11. Brick and Mortar Dying While Digital is Flying
  12. &Else News, Views & Reviews
  13. DTG Pinterest
  14. Facebook Timeline Winners for 2012, on Pinterest
  15. The Publishers' Warehouse
  16. DTG Facebook antics & Designing Women
  17. Next Month: Designing Spring

March on: Designing Women

DTGnewsWhy do I love those designing women? March is Women's History Month, we know spring is just around the corner, and for the past 18 years I've had the great pleasure of featuring women in the design, graphics, illustration, photography and other visual arts fields! This year a trio of very special designing women sparkle in the Design Center : Sandy Wright-Hibbard, Susan Kirkland, Heather Keogh! Joining them are Elizabeth Tran with an in-depth Photoshop tutorial, and another six in this month's Photoshop Madness!
      First, in my 60-Seconds blog, let me share just a few of the "official" links for March's "Women's History Month" ...

DW Photoshop: Create cool, splashy typography using Adobe Photoshop

For this month's Designing Women issue, Mirko from the 'DesignerDaily' site sent this Photoshop tutorial written by Elizabeth Tran, a bright young designer from China! In this tutorial she shows you how to create cool water typography effect in Photoshop utilizing stock photos, blend modes, filters and special water splash brushes to give a splish-splash feel to this unique design typography treatment.

DW Feature: Are You Stuck in a Spiral? 6 Steps You Can Take To Get Out!

The Design Center and DTG Magazine welcome back Sandy Wright-Hibbard - Social Media Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Designer, and Writer - with Lyric Marketing, to share some of her wisdom for this year's Designing Women edition

DW Feature: Heather Keogh : Green Screen Photography

Our 18th Annual Designing Women edition continues with a field trip visit to the photography studios of Heather Keogh, where she specializes in green screen photography and photoshop. Everything in her portfolio is from a green screen...
GO DW Feature: Heather Keogh : Green Screen Photography

DW Feature: LAWS of Authorship

We're thrilled to welcome Susan Kirkland back to this year's Designing Women! Susan has been a friend, contributor and Designing Woman in the Design Center for several years! This time she's sharing her blog posting on creative content, content rights and copyrights. This is essential reading for everyone in the creative visual fields!

18th Annual Designing Women Celebration

18th Annual Designing Women edition of DTG Magazine Each year we take great relish and pleasure in discovering creative spirits in celebration of Women's History Month. This year, our 18th, the social networking scene has taken over, and now, we've been discovered because it would appear that everyone and their brother has a "Designing Women" edition. But we've found a few fabulous women designers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other social networking channels that we feel deserve to be celebrated!
      Ladies and gentlemen, the 18th Annual Designing Women edition kicks off with :
* Original screen prints of Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective posters
* The Role of Women in Design | 12 Designers – 12 Opinions
* Louise Ormerod : Gender Disparities in Graphic Design
* Interviewing Women in Web Design Around the World
* 5 Women Designers You Should Know About
* Gender Disparities in the Design Field
* Linn Olofsdotter : an eye for detail
* strawberryLuna : Female Designers
* GM Damsels of Design (with video)
* We lost Katie McClure ???
* The magic of Katie Daisy
* Women In Design Video
* WOW : Birdwatching
* USA : Erin Jang
* Poster Children
... and more to come!
GO 18th Annual Designing Women Celebration

Photoshop Madness Meets Designing Women

PHOTOSHOP MADNESS is where you practically go mad trying to find the most useful stuff for Photoshop! However, the latest Photoshop Madness surf was pure pleasure -- this time we did NOT encounter any spam, replicator or predator sites ... we are celebrating Women's History Month with . . .
* Leia : screenprinting art for the locals
* strawberryLuna : Female Designers
* Mary of Time, space and quality
* Lauren Rolwing Graphic Mischief
* Anna Grosh: typographic design
* Melinda Beck : lovable fun!
... and more!
GO Photoshop Madness Meets Designing Women

10 Simple Presentation Tips for Professionals

Tim Clukey is back! He's been teaching digital media courses for over 14 years at the Plattsburgh State University Communications Studies Department in Plattsburgh, NY. He shares these insights into the application of presentation media.
GO 10 Simple Presentation Tips for Professionals

60 Seconds Blog : Spectacular Vertical Gardens

I find inspiration in all sorts of places . . . even some you may not consider. How about graphic design as it is applied to a vertical landscape of color, shape and texture . . . these vertical gardens are actually paintings that affect the spaces they occupy. Is this 'design' ... you bet! Truly creative, and truly inspiring. Enjoy!

60 Seconds Blog : False Advertising ???

True or False: Designers have disappeared from the web advertising world because they're no longer needed -- who needs a designer when you can blatantly use false advertising to entrap your audience to click.
GO Good question? Have you fallen prey to this ploy?

Brick and Mortar Dying While Digital is Flying

With digital e-readers taking over the publishing world, the past several years have been all but detrimental to bookstores. Tech expert Karl Volkman weighs in on the future of brick and mortar bookstores
GO Brick and Mortar Dying While Digital is Flying

&Else News, Views & Reviews

each month I gather interesting, informative, and important tidbits from all around the world ... some directly in the visual arts and some not. They're all found in the &Else News department:
* Extraordinary Visions : Lightwave rolls out new features and enhancements
* Celebrity Fashion Photographer Roger Moenks Launches I Am Eco-Warrior
* Fear of governments snooping deters companies from using the cloud
* Organic book nominated for the Designs of the Year award 2013!
* Google's 'Enhanced Campaign s' A challenge for advertisers?
* iPhone 5 searches up a staggering 594%
You'll find all of these and more at :
GO &Else News, Views & Reviews

DTG Pinterest

I may be old fashioned and a little slow on the uptake. I'm just getting into the vast realms of Pinterest . . . even adding a few of my own. Go on out there and re-pin your favorites. You'll find my meager beginnings -- where I've stached a full size poster featuring a few pieces from last year's Designing Women -- at
GO Pinterest.com/showker/

Facebook Timeline Winners for 2012, on Pinterest

On my "Design" board in Pinterest, you'll find the poster for the winners of the 2012 DTG FACEBOOK TIMELINE event. Enjoy those greatest timeline graphics in Facebook. If you are a winner, but haven't yet acquired your prizes, just let me know. Send your link, and mailing address in the U.S.A.

The Publishers' Warehouse

This month the warehouse has literally hundreds of new items for the visual communicator, and just for fun. From awesome business card designs to hundreds of unusual photos, to a whole new Gallery of the works by international Designing Women. You'll want to follow that one, since it will get a new country every few days or so. Fonts, clip art, reference files, downloadables and more ... all at the Loading Dock. You know how to get there!

DTG Facebook antics & Designing Women

  • DTG follower Michael Dachstein posted a link to "Digital Art by Lonka" a wonderfull collection of interesting digital artworks by 20-year-old female artist from Poznan, Poland . . . go look : Digital Art by Lonka
  • ... and frequent poster Jeff Fisher (Mr. Somebody-ripped-off-another-of-my-logo-designs) posts yet another flower for the season!
  • ... and vector graphics icon, Von Glitschka, sez his daughter has glue-stick on her lips! Ooooops! Case of the mistaken lip-stick tube
  • ... last but not least, a reader asked about setting up a home photography studio to shoot objects for eBay and I sent her here

. . . of course you never know what's going to pop up in the DTG Magazine facebook www.facebook.com/DTGmagazine or the Graphic Design group : DTG Facebook antics & Designing Women join us and follow along with the fun!

Next Month: Designing Spring

They say "April showers bring May flowers" so you can look for all those designers, illustrators, photographers and visual communicators who were not in "March's Designing Women" will be in April! Folks, we're nearly full, so if you have a contribution -- better get it to me asap!

April Spring Palettes... share your spring color palette... suggest good fonts for springtime or promotional ideas that work well in the spring. You may also know how to design for clients who don't necessarily have a springtime theme to promote.

Of course, I'm looking out my window envisioning the six to twelve more inches of snow promised for tonight. But we know spring is coming. So, say good bye to those winter blues and start firing up the old creative juices. Don't forget to share your favorite "Designing Spring" tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Parting words for Women's History Month...

"The trouble with some women is
    that they get all excited about nothing -
      and then they marry him."

What did you miss last month

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