CREATIVE Tidbits May

by Fred Showker

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative instpiration Keeping up with the creative flow of things can be quite a task, but if you stick with us, it'll be a breeze. Remember, we invite and welcome your input for the DTG Creative Updates. Here's the latest edition
* Adobe launches Creative Suite 6 with advanced 3D tools, new Creative Cloud
* The Object Poster, the Visual Pun, and 3 Other Ideas That Changed Design
* Stop, Think, Go, Do: How Typography & Graphic Design Influence Behavior
* Fan Fiction Meets Graphic Design in the Groovy Online Subculture
* For A Museum In A Bus, A Logo That Likes To Travel
* Terrorism Gets Creative With Graphic Design
* 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design #92
* How to Get Started With Infographics
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Terrorism Gets Creative With Graphic Design

Design Center Creative Updates

A radical overseas website linked to terror organizations posted the unsettling image of the New York City skyline and the text "Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York."
      What's almost as disturbing as the threat is the eye-grabbing design.

Fan Fiction Meets Graphic Design in the Groovy Online Subculture of "Alternative Movie Posters"

Design Center Creative Updates

Today's movie ads invariably involve a clich'd catchphrase, a photoshopped pastiche of the protagonist wearing an unironic 'blue steel' expression, and a titillating dollop of cheap sex and/or violence. But take heart, film-fans: A global network of rogue graphic artists is working to inject design, humour, and style back into this forgotten medium.
      Founded by British designer Simon Hawes in March 2011, 'Alternative Movie Posters' is a Web site dedicated to showcasing artists' unorthodox, usually loving, and quite often aesthetically adventurous interpretations of their favorite films.

How to Get Started With Infographics

Design Center Creative Updates

Media and publishing professionals know that infographics are hugely popular, and are more likely to be shared via social media than a standard blog post or article.
      By combining images with data, infographics get much more mileage than text or graphics alone. You can use them for news, presentations, or press releases on your company blog or website to attract publicity and show off your expertise.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : Angela West, PCWorld

For A Museum In A Bus, A Logo That Likes To Travel

Design Center Creative Updates

Here's something you've probably never seen before: a museum that hops around from one city to the next, schlepping artifacts in a slick, Mercedes touring coach, like a band of well-heeled Merry Pranksters.
      It is the freshly announced Moscow Design Museum--'the first museum on a bus in the world,' according to its website. And it fell to Lava, a Dutch design studio, to give the museum a visual identity that could travel every bit as easily as the exhibits themselves.
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