Creative Tidbits: Japan to Italy to the Grid

by Fred Showker

Creative Tidbits in 60-Second Windows This week there's two new Designing Women: Cathleen Schaad is the comeback kid, and Japanese Women Designers! We also visit * We Three Things > Follow the Grid * Graphic Design in Italy's Renaissance Capital * Wallpaper Drawn With Dripping Ink ...

Cathleen Schaad : comeback kid

Cathleen Schaad
      In 2009, Cathleen was laid off. She took advantage of the time and returned to school at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts to refresh her skills. She earned a certificate in Web Design, but Graphic design, consulting and training is what she loves to do.

We Three Things > Follow the Grid

Follow the Grid
      Grids might be the musical scales of the visual arts, the underlying metric by which space is paced, measured and intuited. We are confronted by grids every day, in design, science and nature. No surprise, then, that grids are a support system and an inspiration to many artists and craftspeople.
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Japanese Women Designers

coverRecently, Japan has become a hotbed of talented young women in graphic design, art direction, illustration, and photography. Their unique view of the world and their distinctive styles of expression are essential for anyone wanting to understand markets that target women. The Next Generation is an unparalleled collection that features ninety promising Japanese women introducing their current commercial work.
      Each spread features one artist with her "portfolio," including a profile and contact information for reference. Page after page reveals the fresh power of the next generation of Japanese women designers, photographers, and illustrators. Readers will enjoy discovering the new leaders of the Japanese creative scene. Some of the featured designers are Yuni Yoshida, Rika Eguchi, Mayu Kondo, and Ai Fukasawa; some photographers are Sayo Nagase, Mika Ninagawa, Saori Tao, and Kisimari; and some illustrators are Natsko Seki, Chinatsu Higashi, Ayako Hishinuma, as well as many more.
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Graphic Design in Italy's Renaissance Capital

Good news for aspiring visual artists! A renowned school located in the Renaissance Capital of Europe, Florence Institute of Design International, will be offering intensive summer courses on Graphic Design.
      This short course will be targeting aspiring designers who plan to pursue a degree in graphic design. In addition, it is also open to students and professionals from marketing and advertising fields looking to expand their skills and competencies.

Wallpaper Drawn With Dripping Ink

      The Legendary Abbott Miller creates luscious graphic wallcoverings for KnollTextiles out of dripping ink.
      The "easiest"-looking designs are often the most challenging to actually produce, so before you look at Abbott Miller's new ink-drip wallpaper designs for KnollTextiles and say, "my kid could do that!", stop and consider the technique and graphic awareness hiding behind those supposedly haphazard patterns.

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