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by Fred Showker

Creative This issue of Creative Tidbits brings more Designing Women, and even the Fashion Color report for fall... along with * Why I Draw * Will Crowdsourcing Replace Graphic Designers? * Rethink your design thinking * Royal Couple Wedding Monogram Contest * A Little Culture With Your Beer? * the "Enfant Terrible" of Graphic Design * ... and more!

Why I Draw

Marcos Chin Why I Draw
      Marcos Chin writes: You'll notice that I switch between the words, art, and craft, and illustration, and design, and drawing in many of my posts -- and when I do, I think it's because I'm starting to see them more and more each time as being extremely similar to one another in a sense that they share so many of the same traits. Although there are many people who I'm sure can clinically delineate the difference between each of these disciplines, including myself, ultimately, I'm beginning not to care so much any more.
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Pantone fashion color report for fall 2011

Pantone color predictionsPANTONE VIEW Colour Planner Fall/Winter 2012/2013 pushes individuals to refocus by encouraging a break from the 'usual' or mundane into something more abstract and unexpected - often improving original intent. Exploring the different ways we feel and look at things can inform the way we innovate with color.
      When we see something for the first time, we impose an expectation, almost before we really look at it. The idea of looking outwards and seeing another way of being and doing holds a fascination as well as the chance to take advantage of new possibilities.
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A Little Culture With Your Beer?

Justin Hamilton -
      With its most recent exhibition, 'Inked!!,' Bayview's BYO studio lounge puts the spotlight on various artists working in the illustrative arts. Illustration, or graphic drawing in general, is often a genre of art overlooked by the typical gallery world, given that it falls somewhere between fine art and graphic design. That dilemma presents the show's biggest strength and weakness: pulling from all corners of the field, including pen and ink drawings, comic art, concert flyers and sketchbook pages.
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Will Crowdsourcing Replace Graphic Designers?

In the past few years, we have seen how the crowd sourcing business models that have emerged for outsourcing projects to freelancers around the world at a very low cost. It has not only redefined the true essence of globalization, moreover, it has achieved such efficiencies which were deemed impossible only a decade ago.
      One of the niche crowd sourcing models that has emerged in the last couple of years is specific to graphic design industry, particularly in the niche of logo design. Companies such as 99designs and LogoArena host logo design contests for their clients
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the "Enfant Terrible" of Graphic Design

Stefan Sagmeister is a pop star
      "Stefan Sagmeister is a pop star"... exalts Mieke Gerritzen, an Austrian graphic designer who is Sagmeister's friend and opposite number, when describing him in an article appearing in the exhibition catalogue. Indeed, best known for his CD box sets for David Byrne, Bryan Eno, Talking Heads, Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones (for which he earned several Grammy Awards), Sagmeister is happy to set up actual performances to produce the print design of his projects.

Rethink your design thinking

Designers: they just make things, correct? That's the assumption graphic design professor Joseph DiGioia is questioning.
      DiGioia has been researching and exploring the idea of designers changing their 'ethos' (a set of ideals or beliefs characterizing the designer). In this research and exploration, he is in the process of incorporating these new ideas into his own curriculum and the Graphic Design department as a whole.
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Royal Couple Wedding Monogram Contest

MycroBurst has announced that its latest unofficial graphic design contest is now open to the public. All are invited to submit an original design for a wedding monogram for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The winning design will be awarded a prize of $500 and an interview posted on the MycroBurst Blog.
      The much-anticipated Royal Wedding is scheduled for April 29, 2011. The news is filled with stories about the A-List guest list, and wedding fashion rumors.

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