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A few of my favorites from Fonteam:

Orthodox II

A tribute to all monks who were writing, illustrating, designing, bounding and delivering books to people long before Guetenberg invented the press. This is a type with a definite historic edge. See a sample of Orthodox II


The shape and the weight of the letters differ from one to another, but all fit a pattern. The letters look like they have been chiselled in stone. Go no further if you are looking for something with a mildly historic edge. See a sample of Orthodox

Vetren Family

Very versatile type family with four children. Simple, casual and even fanciful, Vetren can be successfully applied for both decorative and body text use. A must for every graphic designer: concerning space it is one of the most economic true type fonts on the market. See a sample of Vetren Family

in a hurry

This handwritten font has been created by a calligrapher.. The sincerity is the best characteristics of its breathless graphics. Because it is a handcrafted typeface not all the characters stick to the baseline smoothly which adds an additional charm to the type style. See a sample of In A Hurry


Freedom of expression was the designer's inspiration for creating this typeface. Fine art and digital typography worked hand by hand designing one of the most recognizable samples of our foundry. Art directors' best kept love affaire. Great for print, web or multimedia projects. See a sample of "Jaxon"

Live On

This connecting script embodies vitality and casual grace. It feels at home everywhere: in a webmaster's creation, on the pages of a book, and in advertising headline. Narrow proportions allow very economical use of space. This handsome, spirited font design has the look of fine pen lettering. See a sample of "Live On"

Ossie 02

A typographic creation that just experienced a six on the Richter scale. Anomalies in the broken-into-pieces type do not mar its naturalness. It is a good illustration that a solidly built font cannot loose its legibility when shattered. See a sample of "Ossie 02"


This is a handmade typestyle. Uneven strokes, slanted letters, shivering forms. A tribute to all uprooted refugees of the previous century, the cool font wears a very spiky and jagged mantle. See a sample of "Refugee"

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