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August, 2005

Photoshop Madness Continued

We continue this month's edition with...

"Ask The Experts"

Did you notice how all these new "blog" sites offer an "ASK THE EXPERT" style column? We were simply amazed at how many experts there are. Search in Google for "Photoshop + Ask the Expert" and you'll see. Except most of the time the column is a blog chat thread disguised as a "Help" column wherein the people with the problems are left to help other people with problems.

Here's one we found where the "Experts" helped solve a color problem...

Whew. Glad we found those experts! Actually not, our "experts" don't agree with the above.

Facing Off with Photoshop

Then we got email from Jim Singer, who writes to tell us about the Photoshop Faceoff site. Here's another of those blog-driven, automated-by-robots sites that depends 100% on users for content, yet sells advertising. This one has an interesting diversion where members take a daily image and modify it in anyway they choose.. Other members then vote and comment on their favorite entries and at the end of each Face-Off a "winner" is declared! We have no idea what they win nor what incentive there is to participate other than seeing your art online. For instance, you are challenged to take this ordinary apple and turn it into something extraordinary like this yawning mouth or beautifully done cube. Our favorite is the Dog/Fish.
You will find lots of interesting things at the Photoshop Faceoff web site.

On the down side the site is fully automated, calling large images from their database repositories takes considerable time. We tested on Cable and it works okay, but DSL and worse dialup users bring coffee and perhaps lunch because load times could be as high as two minutes.

Richard Schneider is Back

We ran one of Richard's tutorials once before -- and we had a number of emails saying thank you. Seems Richard's are perfect for the rank beginner -- so if you fit that category, try these:

And, that wraps up another edition of Photoshop Madness. If you'd like to participate, just submit a good tutorial that you've found or submit a good resource that you've found. If you are a Photoshop Professional and would like to be recognized in Photoshop 911, send us your brief profile. If you'd like us to come and visit your Photoshop Resource Site, just give us a jingle.

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