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In 1990, I had the great pleasure of introducing Russell Brown and a new software package from Adobe to several hundred attendees of my Great Graphics Tips session at Macworld. Photoshop Tips & Tricks has been part of DT&G ever since.

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June Photoshop (SURF) Madness

Web Surfing Doing the Curl * Tattoos in Photoshop * Boardwalk Movie Star * Five Tips for Optimizing GIFs * Web Hands-On Training * What is Depth of Field * Photoshop's Shadow/Highlight tool * Brick Wall Tutorial * question of the month * PTPerspective Photoshop Plugin * Warning Dialogs * Free Stuff and much more... in Photoshop Madness

Making the Wrong Drop Shadows in Photoshop

Shadows 20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball joins us to point out the most common drop shadow techniques and how to deal with them. As we've said for years... nothing spoils a Photoshop retouch project more than Common Drop Shadow Mistakes

Photoshop Elements 5

Photoshop Elements gets 100 new tools! Okay, I knew that would get your attention, but when you add Richard Lynch's new "Hidden Elements" then PS Elements seems like it goes from version 4 to version 5 automatically! Get the Upgrade Here

Photoshop Blending Modes

BlendingUnlike Photoshop's built-in filters, blending modes don't change the actual pixels that make up an image, so their effects are completely reversible. Photoshop expert John Beardsworth shares his blending modes expertise for Quick and easy Powder Pastels

Centering the Radial Blur in Photoshop

Radial Blur A reader writes that the "book" tutorial doesn't work correctly on his image. So, here's a little trick to get the effect you want when Photoshop doesn't want to cooperate... Centering the Radial Blur

Image to Surface Shape in Photoshop

Map an image to a shapeA game of Photoshop Tennis in the Design Cafe prompts a tutorial on how a picture was turned into the cover of a book. This tutorial covers a number of techniques from transform to layer masks... Put an Image into A Shape...

Photoshop (Color) MadnessPhotoshop Madness

Photoshop Madness Photoshop Madness is up to its ears in COLOR... color everything in Photoshop... how to color, where to color, when to color ... also: Tutorial of the Month (TOM), Question of the Month (QOM) and the popular Art is Where You Find It... this has got to be total Photoshop Madness

Hand Tinting Photographs in Photoshop

Hand TintArtist, Photoshop Wizard and Author Tim Shelbourne is back with another blockbuster tutorial -- try your hand at creating the subtle effects of traditional photo retouching with this tutorial from Tim's Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook ... Hand Tinting Photographs in Photoshop

Burned Holes in Photoshop

burned hole A number of readers asked how to make a burned hole, then didn't quite understand instructions at Photoshop 911. Here we describe the whole process in ten easy-to-understand steps with pictures on how to make burned holes Photoshop Elements and Photoshop...

Ben Long's Photoshop Action Pack 2.0

Ben LongBen Long has released a major update to the Photoshop Action Pack collection of Automator actions, which is now available for free download -- automate the more complex aspects of your post-production workflow using Apple's Automator and simple-to-use plugins in Photoshop Action Pack 2.0

March Photoshop Madness

MadnessPhotoshop Madness is back with another cool newsletter... this month we're instituting four new standing features: 1. Book of the Month (with freebies from the book); 2. Tutorial of the Month (TOM), 3. Question of the Month (QOM) and the answer, 4. Art is Where You Find It, and the occasional STUPID site of the month. It's all good, all fun -- and seriously folks... it's true Photoshop Madness

Type On A Path or Around a Circle

TEXTAnswering one of the most frequent questions at Photoshop 911 and DTG, this monster, 4-page tutorial that shows you how -- not just Photoshop, but InDesign, Illustrator and Quark XPress as well... Text on a Path, Circular Type

The Art of Digital Photography

Be Inspired, Creative, and Productive O'Reilly Releases Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking. Adobe guru Julieanne Kost says: "Be open to whatever comes your way" ... The Art of Digital Photography

Photoshop CS2 RAW

Anyone who is serious about digital photography and wants to produce the best possible picture needs to shoot and process RAW... this book will help Digital Photographers Go RAW

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