Arlington at Christmas

by Fred Showker

I had no idea this was being done. I thought you might want to see it.

Uplifting email

A high school alumni sent this in -- and you may have gotten it from someone in your email box as well. However, I agree with the author's closing -- we hear far too much about evil deeds in the world -- I believe if we spent as much time talking about the good deeds, the world would be a much better place.

Arlington cemetary

Readers may be interested to know that these wreaths -- some 5,000 -- are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine. The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He's done this since 1992. A wonderful guy.

Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one of the poorest parts of the state (and Maine is far from being a wealthy state). Please share this with others -- you hear too much about the bad things people do. Everyone should hear about this.

Arlington Cemetary guard

Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.
  Know the line has held, your job is done.
    Rest easy, sleep well.
      Others have taken up where you fell,
        the line has held.
            Peace, peace, and farewell...

Thanks for reading...

Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor, Graphic Design & Publishing

27th Anniversary for DTG Magazine


On December 3rd, anonymous said:

touching, inspirational, uplifting...truly the spirit of Christmas. thanks for sharing it.

On August 4th, Jessica Hillary said:

Every year more than 400 million people celebrate Xmas around the world -- that makes Xmas one of the world’s biggest religious and commercial festivities. In approximately year 300 A.D., the birthday of Jesus was determined to be on December 25, the day that has been celebrated from then till this very day. The celebration on the 25th of December starts with Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24.

On November 13th, Stella Brown said:

As early as now, I can already feel the spirit of Christmas. Last night, out neighbors have already lighted their Christmas light, and some are starting to decorate their Christmas trees. The malls are also selling a lot of Christmas items such as Christmas balls, lights, trees of different sizes, wreaths, and the nativity scene which we call “belen” in our native language. Everybody was excited but do we really know what is Christmas all about? Find out the true meaning of Christmas

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