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by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's blog covering news, views, and review about the online world and the internetIn this edition of Web Trends Brennon Slattery writes about how social media changes old web habits and Laurie Sullivan asks what will vicarious facebook check-ins get advertisers? We also see how much of our time is spent in social media -- Are all results on search engines equal? Is the Web really dead? ... and several others. Don't forget to send in your discoveries!

Social Media Changes Old Web Habits

Social media now consume 23 percent of our time online, stealing time away from e-mail, reading news, and spending time at portals such as Yahoo.com, according a recent Nielsen study.
      The study tracked the online activity of 200,000 American users from June 2009 to June 2010. Time invested on social networking sites grew nearly 50 percent -- from 16 percent to 23 percent -- and that social gaming surpassed e-mail to take the number two position. Americans now log an average of six hours per month twiddling thumbs on social networks.
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Is the Web Really Dead?

The latest issue of Wired magazine sports a cover article proclaiming the death on the Web as we know it -- but is it just evolution, and not the app artillery that is changing the landscape?
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What Will Vicarious Facebook Check-Ins Get Advertisers?

RealNetworks VP Bill Hanks checked in to the Mercer Island Country Club on Facebook Places Saturday. It worked great, expect for one problem: He did it from his backyard treehouse about three blocks away.
      While Facebook Places no longer appears to allow "vicarious vacationing," Hanks says members can still check in to locations from blocks away.
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Are all Results on Search Engines Equal?

With the recent Yahoo-Bing merger, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and website conversion experts have seen the big three search engines become a two horse race in 2010
      Google and Bing are the dominant players, yet it might be a mistake to think that their position is uncontested.
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Bigger Content Publishing Strategy

With the ascension of meaningful social content dissemination across networks, as well as the signals those networks send to search to rank those pages, it is now more important than ever for marketers - if they want to be successful in their overall digital strategies - to strategically refocus their attitudes and philosophies toward content in a big way.
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Acceptance of Social Media by Marketers

According to a study presented at a Pivot Conference (in partnership with Extra Mile Research) entitled "Marketers' Current and Future Use of Social Media," 63% of marketers are already investing in social media marketing, and of the 37% that are not currently investing in social media marketing, 62% are planning to invest, including 46% who plan to do so within one year.
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