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Glue is best known for its ability to push information to multiple social network profiles

GlueSimple Web and Mobile Content Publishing Platform - Glue - announces a new paid service coming in early 2010 with a wide feature set expanded off of the current Glue beta service. Built by the Seattle Washington web design/development firm Squad, Glue is best known for its ability to push information to multiple social network profiles at once.

Glue is used mainly by musicians and entertainers seeking a solution to manage their content publishing needs to multiple social profiles. Glue publishes to over 15 social profiles including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Wordpress, Posterous, Virb, Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr and iLike, adding more sites every week.

"Glue is an amazing concept and usually private, the fact you brought it public is great. Saves time money." - Tom Knabe of Knabe Design

"The new interface is amazing! I love its simplicity, it's so user friendly and definitely worth the wait." - Dave Pearson of Paint The Stars

Glue currently offers a limited beta version of its service, but today announced plans for an expanded, paid service. The new Glue service 'Glue.gs' will offer its paying users publishing features including News, Events, Status Message Updates, Images, Audio, Video, Email posting and Email/SMS notifications. Additionally there is a Glue API available and a Glue Ruby Gem for developers. More information on the paid Glue.gs service can be found on the Glue Blog.

Glue: GlueNow.com
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Glue is Made By Squad, a Seattle web design and development firm who works frequently with entertainment and music media clients. Squad is known for Glue and Merchsquad - a simple solution for ecommerce.

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