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JumsoftJumsoft has rolled out yet another source of delight for the die-hard fans of Apple iWork.They have released Pages Clipart 5.0, an impressive collection of 500 high-quality images that are designed to illustrate presentations, invitations, Web pages, posters, newsletters, and a variety of other documents. In addition, Jumsoft is offering a 10% discount when the package is purchased during its first week of availability.

Pages Clip Art for Apple iWork and Pages

Pages Clipart 5.0 subjects vary from office stationery and medical appliances to food, with a large selection of leisure and holiday images now included in the latest version. The product has been designed for winning over and retaining the attention of its target audiences, whether they are in a classroom, a business meeting, or in discussions with potential clients.

Pages Clip Art for Apple iWork and Pages

Pages Clipart 5.0 provides enormous creative freedom and the great potential to intensify documents' visual appeal through its extensive choice of images, wide compatibility, and intelligent technicalities, such as transparent image backgrounds and PDF formatting. The former allows users to place images on top of different colors or patterns, while the PDF format enables users to resize images without compromising quality. Pages Clipart 5.0 is compatible with Apple Keynote, MS Word, PowerPoint, and other graphics programs.

Pages Clipart 5.0Pages Clipart 5.0
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Jumsoft Pages Clipart 5.0 can be downloaded directly at through the company's Web site. Once downloaded, the package can be immediately opened to select and insert images into documents for creative and fun customization.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.3 Tiger and later, Apple iWork 08 or later. Pages Clipart 5.0 is only $39 (USD) and version 4.0 users can upgrade for only $19 (USD).

Based in scenic Vilnius, Lithuania, Jumsoft is a privately funded company founded in 2002. Committed to providing the highest quality software, Jumsoft is a dedicated group of Apple Macintosh experts whose goal is creating and marketing exciting, easy-to-use and powerful applications for the Mac Platform. Jumsoft most recently focused its attention on maximizing the potential of Apple's iWork, quickly becoming the leading provider of Keynote themes and objects. Copyright 2002-2009 Jumsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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