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by Fred Showker

16th annual fonts festival

16th annual fall fonts festival IT'S ALWAYS A THRILL to visit with DTG readers and discover what's up in their design sphere. These are folks who sent in their faves ... they'll be winning some of the truly fun books on typography, including web fonts! If you've got faves, just let us know. Sit back and enjoy...

Cocktail Shaker Font

L.M. likes the Cocktail Shaker Font and writes :

quoting Why I love fonts... Since the beginning of time, man has used drawings to communicate and then progressed to an actual alphabet that we use today. How wonderful it is to be able to see typography as an art form! I definitely have respect for the people who used to actually forge the letters out of hot metal in order to print even the simplest of information. And, wow, how we've progressed over the centuries! So many wonderful typefaces we have access to. Each font can even be taken apart in a variety of programs today and we can create and customize each letter the way we want, in order to communicate and evoke feelings. end quote

My personal new favorite is Cocktail Shaker that I bought at MyFonts, and I am using it for a few projects lately. My clients really love it because it is not currently over-used in the markets they are targeting -- and it is FUN and refreshing for someone like me who usually does a lot more corporate design.

If you really use your imagination, the possibilities are endless and most fonts do not cost that much. When you have a client with little to no money in their budget - this is the best time to really push your mind to creatively use fonts in place of stock images. It can really "wow" your clients, and I like that. Anyone can purchase stock photos and illustrations, but learning to use typography/fonts in imaginative ways, really takes talent! It is something I keep working at, and I love it. Can never have enough fonts! Thankfully, there is font management software!

Thank you! Great thoughts ... L.M. is a self employed freelance graphic designer from Orlando, FL, USA, and as soon as we get back in touch with her, we'll be sending out some fonts goodies we know she'll enjoy!

Classic serif roman is Bembo ... a transitional old style font

My goodness, we seldom hear from graphic designers who whould select such a classic font as Bembo! But, M.G., a design professional from Salem, MA, makes some totally valid observations about this in her letter to DTG... and we quote:

quoting Favorite FONT: Bembo. You can never get sick of this font and it's oh so easy to read. I like the name too. Someone should make next generation derivation of this font named Bembino. end quote

Her favorite bookmarked font site is Font Geek ("It's all fun and games until someone puts their eye out with a stray descender")
continue with the next step Favorite bookmarked typography site?
continue with the next step If you had only ONE FONT, what would it be? Bembo (see above)
continue with the next step Fonts you HATE? There are many. Comic Sans comes to mind first.

      Everywhere is a font
      Doesn't matter what you want.
      They are on the bottles of pills,
      They are on your electric bills.
      Huge forms on the side of a bus,
      or playful marketing for Toys R Us.
      They come in different styles; different languages too
      They like to form acronyms, like LOL or IOU
      Ubiquitous little buggers, surrounding common folk
      And giving us designers something to prod and poke.

WOW! I don't think we've ever had more fun with a reader entry ... M.G. gets the prize for most fun and interesting post! We were doubly pleased to visit, and to see this graphic designers' superb works! Check it out!

Comic sans is a misunderstood font ... it wasn't meant to be a typeface!

Art is where you find it

... this trip will continue with lots more very cool typography solutions, designs and configurations.

Please share your discoveries of great typography, type, fonts, designs, graphic designers or illustrators with all your friends and other DTG readers. Just send us a note and we'll do the rest!

thanks for reading... see'ya next time

Fred Showker

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