18th Annual Designing Women Two

Now we continue our quest for creative spirits in celebration of Women's History Month.
Ladies and gentlemen, the 18th Annual Designing Women edition kicks off with :
* Gender Disparities in the Design Field
* Linn Olofsdotter : an eye for detail
* strawberryLuna : Female Designers
* The magic of Katie Daisy
* WOW : Birdwatching
... and more to come! February 26, 2013

18th Annual Designing Women Celebration

18th Annual Designing Women edition of DTG Magazine Each year we take great relish and pleasure in discovering creative spirits in celebration of Women's History Month. This year, our 18th, the social networking scene has taken over, and now, we've been discovered because it would appear that everyone and their brother has a "Designing Women" edition. But we've found a few fabulous women designers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other social networking channels that we feel deserve to be celebrated!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 18th Annual Designing Women edition kicks off with :
* Original screen prints of the Chicago Women’s Graphics Collective posters
* The Role of Women in Design | 12 Designers – 12 Opinions
* Louise Ormerod : Gender Disparities in Graphic Design
* Interviewing Women in Web Design Around the World
* 5 Women Designers You Should Know About
... and more to come! February 25, 2013

Photo Manipulation at its very best!

We just had to share the work of Erik Johansson, in Gothenburg, Sweden! Erik is a highly talented photo-illustrator and photo journalist who creates some of the most awesome photo manipulation you'll ever see! October 20, 2012

Back 2 School Picture Collage Maker Giveaway

Picture Collage Maker for Windows and Mac OS X allows people to create Yearbook, wall collage, scrapbook, poster, keepsake and any other photo-related artworks. Until August 28th, PearlMountain is running its annual Back-to-School giveaway of Picture Collage Maker FREE gift to all people. (regularly $29.90) August 22, 2012

Sandy Hibbard : Lyric Marketing

We first introduced you to Sandy in our Designing Women issue back in March of 2004. Since those days, Sandy and her "Lyric Marketing" is not so much about music -- other than the musical sounds of cha-ching, cha-ching! Let's catch up and see what's going on with Sandy these days -- including her music! March 24, 2012

Fanatical Mechanical

House Industries celebrates the craft of Photo-Lettering’s past while presenting it in the context of contemporary relevance. David Dodde’s prodigious hand-printed panels and substantial scrims mingle with custom lithographic layers and fascinating alphabetic fixtures by fanatical fabricators Marc Wiegers and Roger VanTill of Greenwood Studios. January 30, 2012

Not Photoshop

Want a doll for Christmas? How about one of these -- some of the most incredible art work and craftsmanship I've ever seen!. I mean, I can't hardly believe this guy's work ... I think you'll be amazed too! November 15, 2011

Allen Babbitt: Un-still Photography

A hand tremor is not high on the list of desires for most photographers, so when Alan noticed his hand shaking, and found out he had Parkinson's, all he could say was "Uh oh." Yet art photographer Alan Babbitt has turned his Parkinson's tremor into an innovative art technique -- Un-Still Photography June 27, 2011

Extraordinary Corel Painters

Step inside the studios of some of today's top artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers working with digital art tools ... it's the Secrets of Corel Painter Experts: Tips,Techniques, and Insights for Users of All Abilities... April 29, 2011

Designing Women: Jane Conner-ziser

We get so wrapped up in Photoshop stuff, we often forget about the extraordinary work being done in Corel Painter! One particular artist will totally sweep you away, so I knew I had to get her into this year's Designing Women. . . ladies and gentlemen, meet : Jane Conner-ziser! March 31, 2011