4 dotted line drawing methods in Photoshop

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The second, more flexible and time-saving drawing method:

This method is especially for the "pencil" tool and the diameter of the brush should not exceed 2px.

second method of dotted lines

second method of dotted lines

Step 1, If you want to draw dotted lines with only dots...

Press F5 to open the brush plate;
set the "Spacing" value as more than 200% and in round figure in the "Shape Dynamic" option; now
Set a value to test the effect.

Step 2, If you want to draw a 2px dotted line with 2px clearance

Draw a dotted line with 400% spacing at firstly; shift to the state of selecting tools;
press down "Alt" and “ ” at the same time to copy the line segment; meanwhile,
move 1px to the right, and combine the two layers.

PS: This method is also applied to drawing dotted lines with different sizes of solid lines and clearances.


NEXT: The third one uses dual brush; it is especially for the brush tool.

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