Vivid Color in Photoshop

by Guest Writer

Creating vivid colors in photographs using Photoshop Preface: This Photoshop Tutorial was submitted by 9Tuts some time ago and we had been saving it as a perfect COLOR technique for our April 'color' theme. Unfortunately, 9Tuts doesn't include any info we can cite in the credits.
      We get hundreds of tutorials submitted via our Photoshop 911 tutorials submission form, and generally speaking about 99% are not fit to reprint. We do look at all of them, and sometimes it takes quite a while to get around to publishing them. Please, if you do submit tutorials, be sure to include the info you want credited. We hate to show your work without giving you proper credit!

Vivid Color in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to enhance the color of an object, such as a hair, making it more vivid and surely lovely!

Before we get started, let's see the before and after photo to understand about what we are going to do:

Before & After:

Before and after the application of this vivid color technique

Step 1: Place the photo you want to retouch on your document or get the "before" photo above, then press Ctrl-J to duplicate the photo. This will help preserve the original photo.

Step 2: The original photo looks a bit dark so we should make it brighter first.
Go to Image > Adjustments > Curve and move the line up a bit

Image and Adjustments Curve to brighten

Our photo now looks brighter (below left)

at right, use the BURN tool to add contrast to her hair

Step 3: Next we should contrast her hair's color for better modification, so use the Burn Tool to "burn" it a bit (Above, right)

NEXT: We'll create an "Overlay" layer and give it a bright gradient color -- before applying two masking layers to heighten the color effect ...

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