Photoshop Tutorial: Create rusted metal text

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Adding textures to text

Once done you'll have to find a steel/metal texture to make your letters in.
Or choose one from below:

Rusty Text 2 Steel Texture Steel Texture 3

Place it on top of your text layer.

Make sure you have your move tool (V) selected. Now [Cmd+click] on your text layer to create an selection of your text

Rusty Text 3

When you've created the selection of your text, select your steel or metal texture layer and Duplicate the layer [Cmd+J].
Now you have your text shape cut out of the steel or metal texture.

Rusty Text 4

Step 4.

Duplicate the steel or metal shape of your text [Cmd+J] and make it black using Hue and Saturation [Cmd+U] and set the lightness to -80.
This makes the Shape go almost black.
Place this 'black text layer' underneat your 'steel or metal shape layer'.

When this is done, make sure u have your move tool (V) selected.

Use your arrow keys to move your 'black text layer'. Move 1px down (1x arrow down) and 1px left (1x arrow left)

It'll give a tiny shadow to your 'steel or metal shape layer'.

Repeat this step a few times:
Duplicate the black layer, arrow down, arrow left.

Once satisfied with the '3D' result select all layers and Merge them into one (Cmd+E)

Rusty Text 2

NOW : Add Metal Textures

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