Photoshop Pen Tool Drawing Savvy

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Step 3: Eyes

We create the eyes by using simple circles, and then modifying them by using the anchor point handles. I started with a white circle as you see in the demo but I later changed the color to #ecf0f0. Name the layer eye. Follow illustration below.

  1. Move the left direction point for the top point to the left/down side. Then move right direction point a little bit to the right/up.
  2. At the left point push the lower direction point inside.

draw simple circle shapes, then modify

I changed the color here and move the point a little bit more. The left direction point of the lower point was pulled a little to the right.
Try playing around the points until you get the right shape.

Double click the layer to add the following effects :
Layer Styles Effects "Inner Glow"
Layer Styles Effects "Stroke"
Layer Styles Effects "Gradient Overlay"

Your results should look something like this

the eye results

Next, for the 'iris' draw a small blue (#32c9df) circle, name the layer “blue“ and add the following effect:

apply gradient and styling to create the iris

Now we want to draw another shape to cut a small triangle from the circle just like a slice of pizza.

subtracting a shape

Choose the pen tool and make sure to click on Subtract from shape button. Start clicking to create points like the image above to draw a triangle. At the final step you can see that I’ve re-sized the original shape. So again try playing around and moving the triangle to get the “perfect” position and size.

Duplicate the blue circle layer. Change the color to black and re-size it by clicking Ctrl/Command + t.Name the layer black. (below left)

Draw a white circle at the top right corner. Name the layer “small white light” that’s a long name for a small circle (below, center)

adding highlights and styling the circle into layers

Now let’s group the eye parts layers. Select the eye part layers keep pressing Command/Ctrl while clicking on each layer then press ctrl/commend +g. Name the new group eye.

Right click the new group and choose duplicate group. Move the new group to the right. (Below, left)

duplicate the layer set

In the new group choose the layer “eye“. Choose Edit > Transform > flip horizontally. Now move the 3 other layer to the left. (Above, right)

NEXT : Create a smiling mouth using and modifying shapes

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