Photoshop Pen Tool Drawing Savvy

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Step 2: The trunk

draw the trunk using rectangle shapes

We will start on a new layer by drawing a rectangular. Then hold shift key (or Click on the add to shape ) and draw another rectangle at the bottom (Look at the picture above ).
This way the two shapes are on one layer.


  1. Move the 2 points at the bottom (Push them ) inside.
  2. Right click the right line (like on the picture above) and choose Add anchor points. Make sure to add another one on left side.
  3. Look at picture 3 below . We moved direction points of the 2 new points to the left to create the curves. Make sure to do this for left and right side.
  4. Push the 2 bottom points again to achieve the right shape.

reforming the rectangle using anchor points

Next, We will work on the other rectangle for the bottom of the 'nose'.

reshaping the rectangle using the anchor points

  1. At the bottom line right click on the middle to add a new anchor point and then push the point upward.
  2. Push the 2 top corners to the inside until there intersect or the first shape lines.
  3. Now choose Convert point tool click on the point in the bottom corner and pull according to the arrow direction (see above).
  4. Do the same for the other side.

Show the head layer. Now I worked a little bit with the trunk size and move the point to make the trunk size fit the head tutorial smile

showing layers, resizing shapes

I needed to merge the head and trunk layer so later when I add the effects it looks smoother. If we do merge layers the old fashioned way the layer will rasterized and when we’ll loose all the paths and points.

copy paste layer

  1. Click on the trunk layer and Ctrl/command + c to copy.
  2. Click on the head layer and Ctrl/Command +v to paste.
  3. Delete the trunk layer and now you should have the trunk and the head on one layer.

Double click the head layer to add the following effects.

apply these layer styles

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