Nature Photo Manipulation

by Ainsley Bevis

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import the sea water layer

6. Import and size the 'sea' image

Next Copy & Paste the sea image onto the canvas and shrink down. Crop the image down so only the bottom is seen.
Using the Burn Tool brush on some darker tones.

7. Mask & Feather water to field

Duplicate the field layer and layer it so it overlaps the water.

Mask to blend in layers

Add a Mask Layer to the field and hide the top & bottom parts of the grass using a soft edged brush.

paint into the layer mask

8. Darken the foreground grass

Next go to the field layer and brush on some darker tones using the Burn Tool so it looks more realistic.

Using the Burn Tool

NEXT: We'll create the road with more masking and erasing ...

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