Create a Beautiful Frosted Fashion layout

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Step 3: Blending Modes & Dodging

Duplicate Layer 1 and set the blending mode to Linear Dodge (Add).
This adds even more contrast.

After duplicating the layer & Linear Dodge

Step 4

Create a new layer "Fills".

Starting with a large-sized brush, fill in the top corners and make sure everything except for the girl is black.

Areas in need of black fills

Step 5

Switch to a white color and start filling in the missing parts of the girl. At this stage, it can be helpful to toggle the layer below "Fills".

While doing this filling, use a hard brush. This makes the job done a lot faster.

Filled areas
click for enlargement

Another tip is to set the opacity of Background copy to around 35% and place it on top of the layer stack (this way you see what is not white and needs to be filled in).

Load channel as selection When you are done brushing, you should have a picture that looks something like this. (Selection mask)

Step 6

Open up the Channels palette and click the button "Load channel as selection". (shown at right)

Step 7

Go back to the Layers palette and select the layer with the original photograph, then press Ctrl + J to duplicate the selection to a new layer.
Hide everything but the new layer.

Model has successfully been extracted from the background!

Great! You have successfully extracted the model from the background!


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