Create an Angelic Sculpture

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Step 20

Let's add some clouds. Open the "clouds.jpg" picture and repeat STEP 3. Place this layer above the "Sky" layer and rename it "Clouds".

Step 21

Resize it so the sky fits our image. You can even flatten it a bit, it doesn't matter, it will give some more perspective. Just resize it until you like the amount of clouds. Now go to the Layers palette (F7) and set its Blending mode to Overlay. It should look like the image below.

Photoshop tutorial step #21-21

Step 22

Now our base image is pretty much fixed, we just need to tweak it to look nice.
Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Gradient map.
I used a simple Black to White gradient with a diamond shape.

Photoshop tutorial step #22-22

Step 23

Let's add another filter the same way: Layer > Adjustment Layer > Photo filter. Set it to Cooling filter (80) or feel free to play around with it until you are satisfied with your result, it's not necessary to follow strictly every step. Mine looks like the image below.

Photoshop tutorial step #23-17

Step 24

Time to focus on our base element, the ice angel. Create a Layer group in the layers palette (the Folder looking icon), select the top-most layer, hold the SHIFT key and click the "Trees" layer in the Layers palette (F7). Now you should have all layers selected except "sketch" layer. Rename this layer group "Background" like you do with the layers. Click the gray triangle to contract the layer tree. The layers palette should look like below.

Photoshop tutorial step #24-15

Step 25

Create a new layer between the "Background" layer group and the "sketch" layer. Grab the Paint Bucket Tool (G) and fill it with black. This will be a "dummy" layer we will use it to create a better view of what we will do later on. Rename this layer "dummy".


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