Natural media painting on the iPhone

by Fred Showker's latest iPhone app opens up a whole new creative space with a rich set of painting tools and the ability to create up to five layers in each drawing! Add a layer from a photo to trace your subject, or add multiple layers to separate different parts of your work. Each layer is fully transparent, and a unique 3D interface allows you to create and rearrange layers with ease. When you're finished, you can export your work to a Photoshop file with layers intact, or sync with the desktop viewer to generate a high-resolution copy or replay your brush strokes to show off your talent!

iPhone app can create up to five layers in each drawing

Layers offers a balanced set of painting tools that will appeal to seasoned artists and doodlers alike. With eight high-quality brushes, an eyedropper, and an eraser - Layers provides the tools you need to create great art. It's intuitive interface has been built around the workflows of popular iPhone artists. Toolbars on the screen hide as you work and can be brought back with a simple shake - so your tools are never far away. A full-screen color picker provides an infinite range of brush colors and transparency is fully supported throughout the app.

Layers takes undo and redo seriously. It keeps a 30-level undo stack as you work, and saves your undo history when you stop drawing - so it's easy to pick up where you left off! Every action is undoable, so you never get stuck trying to paint over a mistake.

System Requirements: All iPhone and iPod Touch models running iPhone OS 3.0

Layers is $4.99 USD, and is available for immediate download on the iTunes App Store. Please see the Layers web site for screenshots and additional feature information. Promotional codes and review copies are available upon request.

Layers For iPhone is a creative studio offering web development and programming services, in addition to software for the Mac OS and iPhone. Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. - Blacksburg, VA

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Paintings are one of those extra-ordinary masterpiece that is highly appreciated. I've been collecting paintings since I was college, I've seen this site that show many Eye-capturing Paintings

On September 22nd, DEE Graves said:

Some specialists claim that the iPhone helps people to live their own way, just because they can feel free to do necessary stuff. Moreover, various cell phones present a challenge for all people.

But I can do almost as good of graphics on the iPhone as I can in Photoshop -- this program (app) is awesome ... next they need an app that does photo characters ... I know there must be an app for that!

On April 9th, Barbara Wrights said:

Following my analysis, thousands of people on our planet receive the satisfaction of painting. Therefore, there's a good possibility to become a student of art and painting

On November 24th, FLORENCE22Baldwin said:

I love the archives for Photoshop ... mainly because I'm still running a very old version of Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks for ALL your help! Many sites let their content go dead ... or the disappear completely -- like one site that had lots of great tutorials, now is one of those spam sites... they parked the domain rather than keep the old content ... goes to show the difference between the pros like you, and the bush-league looking for a quick buck like most of the others! I love Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator!

On February 24th, Socorro Morris said:

Here's another app that really has layers in a vector format ... for iPad or iPhone, I think you'll really like this

On February 24th, DianaMcgowan said:

Very strange things occur in a modern society. Modern students do not want to create research papers themselves. They prefer to use quick software solutions ... this one does a great job!

On February 26th, blog commenting said:

I'VE been having such a great time with this app on my iPad, I cannot believe how fun it is to get the true natural media look! It's better than Photoshop!