Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others

by Fred Showker

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Photoshop and Food Styling

Black or White ?? Which One

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

Vincent Ferraro writes in his facebook submission :
Either/Or . . . If you’re like me you oftentimes can’t decide which you like better Color or B&W. Does it have to be either/or? Use of the Gradient tool to produce a B&W to Color Gradient. Simple & Elegant.       Bring your photo into Photoshop and make a copy of it. On the top layer convert it to Black & White. (Image-Adjustments-Black & White).       On upper (B&W) layer add a Layer Mask. Click on the Gradient Tool then select the Horizontal (left to right) icon. With cursor on right side of graphic click and drag to the left. Repeat until it pleases you.
The beauty of having separate layers is that you can adjust the settings of each layer independent of the other.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story : Photos from Vincent Ferraro's post
Great Holiday Activities Click here for: the full size image

Before and After the Apocalypse

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

Cimps El Grande showed these works Before and After "Apocalypse series" and asked if anybody liked them. Any coments ?
      You'll need a Facebook account for this one.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story : Cimps El Grande
Great Holiday Activities Take a look at the 'before' and After. Pretty cool, eh?

Ooooops . . . what happens when tutorials are not tutorials?

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

Here's a site called "Photoshop Tutorials" and Yassine Belbadaoui says: This page is entirely dedicated to beautiful Christmas photographs, paintings and illustrations. Colorful Christmas decorations,
      Don't know where the tutorial fits in, but we liked this painting. Unfortunately Yassine didn't give credits to the images he captured. Shame on him.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story :
Great Holiday Activities But I did think this was a very cool painting!

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