Watermarking in Aperture

by Staff
Impression iconBlue Crowbar Software has created Impression 1.0 for Aperture, a watermark plugin for Aperture, Apple's professional photo management application. Impression provides a flexible way to add a visual watermark to your photos from within Aperture. With a watermark, you can add a company logo, a signature or a copyright statement to the photos that you're publishing on the internet or to other media. Impression's intuitive user interface is both powerful and makes it fun to use.

impression 1.0 for Aperture

"Impression adds a new dimension to watermarking in Aperture." said Steven Vandeweghe, founder of Blue Crowbar Software. "It is based on the concept of importing your watermarked photos in Aperture instead of exporting them. This shows you what the final image will look like before you export it and makes it much easier to manage all of your photos within Aperture's library."

impression 1.0 for ApertureFeature Highlights:

  • Adds high-quality visual watermarks to your photos.
  • The watermarked photos are automatically imported in Aperture as high-quality copies of the original RAW images.
  • EXIF data from the original photos is preserved.
  • Multiple photos can be watermarked with one click.
  • Existing PSD (Photoshop) or PNG images can be used as watermarks.
  • Text watermarks can also be created from an RTF text file.
  • The Impression plugin can place watermarks horizontally and vertically.
  • Controls are available for adjusting the transparency, position and margin.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later ; Aperture 2.1

Impression for Aperture 1.0 is available immediately. A license for one user costs 9.90 euros. A free trial version of the software can be downloaded from the Blue Crowbar website.

Blue Crowbar Software: www.bluecrowbar.com
Impression 1.0

Blue Crowbar Software is a small independent software company, founded in 2008 by Steven Vandeweghe and is located in Ghent, Belgium. Its focus is on building Mac OS X and iPhone applications for consumers and business. The company is mostly known for TrackRecord, a Mac OS X data-importer for Polar heart rate monitors and for its plugins for Aperture and iPhoto. Apple, Aperture and iPhoto are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. - Ghent, Belgium - Published on 10/09

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