Drone Photography Winners announced : Small drones, big changes

by Fred Showker

climate change drone photos

Contest winners in drone contest The Climate Change Summit (COP21) has opened in Paris. In this race against the clock, Photographers and Dronists have a role to play, highlighting the effects of pollution on planet earth as well as opportunities to tackle the ever-increasing and concerning problem. Dronestagram, the first social network of photos and videos taken by drone hobbyists has launched a very important contest: "Small drones, big changes".

During November, every Dronist was invited to submit his best aerial shots of urban or global pollution. Stand-out images include the Village of Paracatu in Brazil devastated by a river of mud after a dam burst in the country’s biggest environmental accident, SkyPro’s wind turbines above fog and Yuyusera’s heavy pollution in Indonesia.

From Indonesia to Bangladesh, California, the United Kingdom or Lithuania... Many examples which demonstrate the urgency to take action.

CEO and Founder of Dronestagram Eric Dupin said about this contest: “

Quoting  begins Everyone is concerned about climate change. Drone Photography can also contribute to change mentalities Quoting  ends

1st Prize Winner: Fog in Germany by SkyPro

dron photo winners
Photo entry page, artist's profile.

2nd Prize Winner: Church of Paracatu by Alexandre Salem

dron photo winners
Photo entry page, artist's profile.

3rd Prize winner: Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia by Yuyusera

dron photo winners
Photo entry page, artist's profile.

THE COMPETITION WAS JUDGED ON PHOTOGRAPHIC QUALITY and ability from the photographers to highlight the effects of pollution on planet earth but also the opportunities to tackle this problem. The contest sponsors were Nissan Electric Vehicles and Parrot. Nissan EV (electric vehicles) will showcase the winning pictures through an exposition in Paris at NISSAN COP21 PAVILION from December 4 – 11.


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