Celebrity Fashion Photographer Roger Moenks Launches I Am Eco-Warrior

by Staff

Roger Moenks I Am Eco-Warrior Celebrity fashion photographer Roger Moenks launches I Am Eco-Warrior (IAEW), an inspiring book of photographs and conversations that documents 53 global game-changers who are leading a multi-dimensional ECO revolution. The I Am Eco-Warrior project strives to instill a global mindset that being eco-friendly is fashionable, attainable, and "kool," and encourages new business leaders to implement corporate sustainability practices.


I Am Eco-Warrior Initiated in 2009, Roger Moenks set out to engage and involve a broader community in expanding and shifting the environmental dialogue from traditional environmentalists to leaders in business, fashion, government, music, media, and beyond. The book features a wealth of exceptional stories and inspiring photographs of individuals who are tackling the environmental crisis in innovative and groundbreaking ways. Some of the book's highlighted ECO-warriors include Ted Turner, Jeffrey Sachs, Stella McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, Douglas Tompkins, Anna Zegna, David De Rothshild, Melanie Laurent, Francis Ford Coppola, Muhtar Kent, Howard G. Buffet, Jane Goodall, Jim Clark, Brett Tollman, Mayor Bloomberg and many more.

IAEW comes alive with photographs from around the world, showcasing the beautiful, engaging, and enlightening work of these innovators.

Photographer Roger Moenks, who traveled around the world for four years to create IAEW says :

Quoting  begins These leaders form the core of the "I Am Eco-Warrior" community and collectively believe that in order to allow for long-term behavior to change, we must educate a new generation and make sustainability affordable and profitable for everyone ... I used my craft as a photographer to bring together leaders of various industries to help change the way we think about the world we live in. I wanted to add elements of style and fashion to show people that even small every day changes can make a difference from the clothes we wear to the products we use. Quoting  ends

The in-depth interviews go far beyond the typical "What inspired you?" to reveal the inspiring and challenging stories of people who refuse to settle for anything less than world-changing innovation.


Celebrity fashion photographer, Roger Moenks has called NYC home for almost 20 years. Best known for his portraiture, Moehnks published three books: The First Class of CLICK; Moving Still; & Inheriting Beauty, featuring 90 women from around the world at the forefront of society & industry including Roberta Armani, Delphine Arnault, Kiera Chaplin, Francesca Versace, & many more. In cooperation with Montblanc and UNICEF, Moenks photographed 12 leading actresses for a Sotheby's auction & raised a quarter of a million dollars for the charity. Moenks' work has appeared in L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Interview, Visionaire, & Flaunt. He has directed music videos for Blank & Jones, commercials for Van Cleef & Arpels & Moët & Chandon, & created the documentary Shooting Milk, featuring survivors of the Andy Warhol era & including never-before-seen footage of the artist himself. In the past several years Moenks has dedicated much of his time to socially conscious causes. He produced all the images in this book and conceived of the project.

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