Allen Babbitt: Un-still Photography

by Fred Showker

Alan BabbittA hand tremor is not high on the list of desires for most photographers, so when Alan noticed his hand shaking, and found out he had Parkinson's, all he could say was "Uh oh." Yet art photographer Alan Babbitt has turned his Parkinson's tremor into an innovative art technique -- Un-Still Photography.

Alan Babbitt

Babbitt writes:

quoting I thought my shooting days were done ... What would I become? A shaker of paint cans at the hardware store? An egg scrambler? A martini maker? (shaken, not stirred). end quote

Alan Babbitt

Instead, he realized he could use the tremor as an artistic tool! Uh oh became aha! Then another! ANY movement of the camera or subject can be used! Babbitt began calling it Un-Still Photography because, well, "that's what it is."

Alan Babbitt

He will be showing this unique work next month at the Mill Valley Community Center. The exhibit will feature large, colorful, limited edition prints, including images of familiar local scenes such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin County Fair -- in ways not seen before.

Alan Babbitt

Babbitt will also be showing his "Photo Blendo" series -- images that start as photographs but become something else. He explores the concepts of Symmetry, Synthesis and Serendipity while working with trains, wacky architecture and Photoshop induced euphoria.

Alan Babbitt

You can see Alan's Photo Blendo work online, or if you're in the area, make a point to see the exhibits which run July 1 thru July 27, with the artist's reception from 6 to 8pm Tuesday, July 5 as part of Mill Valley's First Tuesday Art Walk. The Mill Valley Community Center is at 180 Camino Alto (just off E. Blithedale) in Mill Valley, California -- 415-383-1370.

Alan Babbitt Fine Art PhotographerPrints are available for purchase at 20% off during the run of the show, with a portion of the proceeds going to support Parkinson's research. You also can view Alan Babbitt's photography and read his humorous personal essays at
Alan Babbitt Fine Art Photographer - Web Designer
Alan Babbitt Fine Art Photographer - Web Designer Alan Babbitt Fine Art Photographer - Web Designer
Alan Babbitt Fine Art Photographer - Web Designer Alan Babbitt : FaceBook

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