DTG News for August, 2011

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 21, #08 ~ August, 2011

  1. It's back to School time ... DESIGN SCHOOL that is!
  2. Creative Tidbits: Back to (Design) School
  3. More Back to (Design) School
  4. Education: Designing with Paper
  5. Photoshop Retouching: Adding highlights to hair
  6. Photoshop Retouching: removing strands of hair
  7. Photoshop Retouching: Fixing Gaps in hair
  8. Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Tattoos
  9. Photoshop Tutorial: Gritty HDR Photo Effects
  10. Education: Successful Online Learning
  11. Photography: HDR for Mac OS X
  12. Photoshop Digital Publishing
  13. Government: Legislation To Combat Design Piracy
  14. Cyber Security: Digital Forensics Solve Crimes
  15. Vintage Photo Effects
  16. 3D modeling program for the Mac
  17. Web Design Foundations
  18. &Else : News, Views, Reviews :
  19. August : signals the end of summer

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DTG News for August, 2011It's back to School time ... DESIGN SCHOOL that is!

This month's topic is all about learning! And, as usual our readers have all joined in with some rather wonderful insights into the way they learn, favorite training resources, and keeping a sharply honed edge on graphic design and communication arts.

Don't forget, the 17th Annual Fall Fonts Festival begins in September, and we're looking for your favorite tips, tricks, pets, views, reviews and resources on type, fonts and typography! (Details below!)

Creative Tidbits: Back to (Design) School

This issue of Creative Tidbits takes us "Back to (DESIGN) School" with some education, some good references, and some eye-candy ...
[ ] Eye Candy: Edvard Scott, An Illustrator Inspired
[ ] Google encourages sites to think beyond PageRank
[ ] Good Life: Posters bring arts festival to life
[ ] Students design patch for final shuttle crew
[ ] iD Tech Camps Debuts Graphic Design Course
[ ] Turkey 2010 Basketball World Championship
[ ] Must see: Steve Jobs pitches city council
[ ] Pac-12 Championship Game Logo Contenders
[ ] Overlooked design ... display
[ ] Wong Lik Hai's Portfolio
[ ] iPad as Art Medium
[ ] Form + Function
[ ] Electric Art
... and more!

More Back to (Design) School

Then, we're back again looking for art. We'll visit some old favorites, and discover some new ones. Several from last year have closed shop, and several new ones give you a true shot in the old creative eye-ball. This year we'll even visit "The Museum of BAD Art" ... come on along for Fred's annual art gallery field trip

Education: Designing with Paper

Part of your 'Design School' training should include the use of paper as a design element for both its texture and color. You can begin with this article, another insightful piece from Andrea Alstad! Designing with paper can do a lot more than you might suspect!

Photoshop Retouching: Adding highlights to hair

The invincible Scott Kelby is featured in our "Back to (Design) School" issue with hair retouching tutorial series... add highlights, remove strands, fix gaps, change color, darken a part line, and hide roots when retouching hair in Photoshop. In this episode, Scott will tackle adding highlights to otherwise dull hair.Photoshop Retouching: Adding highlights to hair

Photoshop Retouching: removing strands of hair

Scott Kelby continues the essential tutorials on retouching hair in Photoshop. In this episode, Scott shows you how to fix fly-away, stray strands of hair, and the "frizzies"Photoshop Retouching: removing strands of hair

Photoshop Retouching: Fixing Gaps in hair

If you're following our series, you've already learned some important techniques. Now, Scott Kelby shows you how to fix gaps in hair strands using patching, blending, smoothing and masking techniques ...Photoshop Retouching: Fixing Gaps in hair

Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Tattoos

Design School should teach how to create an illusion with digital art and graphics. Sunny has sent in this tutorial that will show you how to apply a tattoo for a perfect summer illusion. This is a simple tutorial not requiring displacement maps or a lot of tricky skills... enjoy.Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Tattoos

Photoshop Tutorial: Gritty HDR Photo Effects

Learn a little grit! This tutorial was sent in by Johnson Koh, Art Director of Garena Online, and shows you some of the finer points of using grain and grit to turn a perfectly good photograph into a work of grunge art!

Education: Successful Online Learning

Noted educator and author Jim Norrena presents his landmark white paper about online learning -- "distance learning" or "e-learning," has captivated more than 2.6 million students among the growing number of people pursuing Successful Online Learning

Photography: HDR for Mac OS X

DR (high dynamic range) photography is a growing trend in photography these days. Now, the award winning HDRtist Pro software for the Mac has been upgraded, and is better than ever!

Photoshop Digital Publishing

The latest revision of Kwik 1.1 brings new capabilities to this plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS5 -- simplifying the creation of interactive, animated content for both iOS and Android devices.

Government: Legislation To Combat Design Piracy

Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) reintroduced the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act. This bipartisan legislation provides copyright protections to fashion designs. Government: Legislation To Combat Design Piracy

Cyber Security: Digital Forensics Solve Crimes

The good guys are getting better and better at capturing online criminals. Digital Forensics plays a huge role in solving all kinds of crimes. This article from the FBI is a sober reminder that what we do on a day-to-day basis can and will be held against us! Cyber Security: Digital Forensics Solve Crimes

Vintage Photo Effects

VintageScene 2.0 is an update to the professional level retro photography app for Mac OS X. Offering powerful features, great workflow, and gorgeous results, VintageScene is the premier app for converting new photographs into retro, aged, and vintage style effects. Version 2.0 adds new user interface as well as a new effect called Faded Time. This effect recreates a photograph that has been faded and severely weathered.

3D modeling program for the Mac

I've always said there needs to be a lower cost Mac alternative to the blood-sucking modeling programs on Windows. In several previous columns we've talked about this very cool 3D modeling program for the Mac. Now, Cheetah3D 5.7, professional level 3D modeling solution for Mac OS X has been updated. 3D modeling program for the Mac

Web Design Foundations

When we talk about Design School, today there are many, many choices in education, learning and training. But the field of web design is relatively new. It took the education industry a good ten years to embrace web design as a formal subject. On the very leading edge of web design training was a friend and author who saw the writing on the wall. We're pleased to bring you this 1996 article by Joe Gillespie -- which proves the more things change, the more they stay the same!

&Else : News, Views, Reviews :

* FX Photo Studio for Mac - Very hot, blazing fast app
* Best Digital Signature - even lawyers have embraced digital paper!
* Folders on the side - favorite places on your computer
* Video Conversion made Easy: a simple new converter for Mac users
* Video Surveillance App for iPhone - Are you paranoid?
* HTML5 Animation Builder - makes it easier than ever
... and a lot more ... &Else!

August : signals the end of summer

Alas, we all hate to see it end! And, it seems like schools are starting earlier and earlier! What ever happened to not starting back to school until after Labor Day??? Oh, but it's the beginning of autumn, my favorite time of year.

* August was named in honor of Augustus in 8 BC because during his rise to power

** WIN prizes for sharing your favorite FONTS **
      Yes, it's happened each year for the past 16 years, and it happens again in September and October! The 17th Annual Fall Fonts Festival is your opportunity to share your favorite fonts, type, typography or lettering with DTG and Design Center readers! At the same time, you'll get in line for some pretty cool prizes!

In September, we'll be showing the favorites you've submitted during August! If you love fonts, hate fonts, make fonts or abuse fonts, we want to hear from you. Pour your thoughts into the creative mill and we'll all have a great time!... Got fonts? Get Famous.

* August is brought to you by the letter "A", as in 'Augustus'

* August is brought to you by the color "GREEN" (Many times used in Education topics #006600)

* The Publishers' Warehouse is open and they've added several hundred new educational reference files, clip art images, and other stuff for your downloading pleasure. Stop in. If you don't know the directions, you can just ask

For now, have a great time in the August DTG

Don't forget to stay in touch, 'caus we hope to see you in the September Fonts Fest!

thanks for reading

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

A final Thought for August is about education...
  "Native ability without education
      is like a tree without fruit."

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