19th Annual Designing Women THREE

by Fred Showker

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Ariane's Design Dimensionality

19th Annual Designing Women presents

Ariane Spanier Design is a Berlin based studio for graphic design and art direction, founded in 2005. She works with clients in the fields of culture such as galleries, artists, publishers, architects etc. what we like best is the dimensionality of her work, from pencils to sand piles.
      Check out some of her inspired work at arianespanier.com ... but also don't miss this interview at designboom.com
Cool graphic design inspiration Full story : ARIANE SPANIER DESIGN
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Jackie Matelski: Toast Ceramics simple, graphic design and comfort food

19th Annual Designing Women presents

Madison artist Jackie Matelski’s company, Toast Ceramics, captures her interest in mid-century design, a lifetime of artistic pursuits and her love for the simplest of comfort foods: toast.
      The business name also correlates with the baking or "toasting" of clay and Matelski’s hope that buyers will toast each other with her mugs and cups. Toast Ceramics is the culmination of many years of creative pursuits, including professional photography and an art degree from UW-Madison.
GO jackiematelski.com
Cool graphic design inspiration Full story : host.madison.com
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Katherine brings your : Soul To Call

19th Annual Designing Women presents

Julia Smith writes : We are living in the digital age and there are so many things to do on the internet. One of the things you should be doing is reading webcomics. They are exactly what they sound like: comics published on various websites that give the artists a kind of freedom that doesn’t exist in the comic book industry today. Webcomic artists set their own deadlines, decide their own content and are free from the kinds of censorship or political agenda that comes with working for one of the powerhouses of the comic industry like DC, MARVEL or Dark Horse.
      Graphic design student, K. E. Lang of Canada publishes her webcomic, “Soul To Call,” each week and follows her characters in the world after the Fall. Katherine, AKA Rommie is a graphic design student hailing from Canada. She loves music, cats, video games, and tormenting the specters in her head by drawing and writing about them.
Cool graphic design inspiration Full story : elm.washcoll.edu
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