2012 Facebook Timeline Award Winners

by Fred Showker

2012 Facebook Timeline Awards When Facebook went to the Timeline layout, people began to discover some awesome opportunities to express themselves in visual art. We jumped on board and began selecting the best from our followers and readers. So, here we present the winners from 2012! Hopefully, you'll be inspired to do something stunning and you'll win too.

Joshua Bagby

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

Joshua is into freelance writing, editing, desktop publishing with a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University
      He's plying his skills somewhere in Oregon right now! Congratulations, Josh!
READ THIS REPORT Full story : https://www.facebook.com/joshua.bagby
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Kaitlyn Noelle Starbuck

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

Kaitlyn's got it all going on! She's a Music and Fashion Publicist for some of San Francisco's coolest events, artists, bands and fashion devas! She is founder and principle at "Level 4 PR" -- http://www.level4pr.com/
      Kaitlyn's facebook timeline changes quite often -- and they're all fun and creative! Bravo, Kaitlyn! The one we selected was earlier in 2012
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Michelle RedSun EagleHawk

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

Michelle RedSun EagleHawk from Great Falls Montana ... gets the prize for this piece of imaginative art.
      Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Salish born of the WhiteBear Clan ... wow -- go to her "about" info page for a fascinating read, and her photo stream for some cool eyecandy
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Victoria Nicole Willis

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

Victoria is into advertising and Marketing and changes timeline photos to something new and exciting on a regular basis. We liked this presentation as well as several others she's had.
      (She seems to also be into Marilyn Monroe
READ THIS REPORT Full story : www.facebook.com/victoria.n.willis

Digital Art Group

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

The Digial Art Facebook group won with this cover art -- while it was quite nice, and they show some nice things in the Facebook group, they appear to be part of a cartel which appear to be replicator sites -- Daniel Hoffmann, Stereo Strategy in Hong Kong
      I'm not sure if any of the content is original ... looks like it's all borrowed from other sites like DeviantArt. Their site "VectorFree" shows thousands of vector files they lead you to think are free, but then Shutterstock wants to charge you for them. (Sort of a scam site.)
READ THIS REPORT Full story : www.facebook.com/digitalartsource
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Volkswagon is gone!

iPad, iphone, IOS, adult games

Well, this was the FIRST one we did after Facebook rolled out their Timeline scheme, and Volkswagon was certainly on the edge.
      However, Facebook now seems to have replaced Volkswagon with some kind of redirect, so we cannot get back to their timeline.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : www.facebook.com/pages/Volkswagon/

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And, thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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