Publishing Update : Print vs 'E'

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update eBooks making more and more news, inroads into society, but printed books still rule! Plus more news on the publishing scene:
* Americans reading more e-books on computers than e-readers, phones
* Don't build a paywall, create a velvet rope instead
* At last, they see: E-books 'democratize' publishing
* Six Easy Tweaks for a Sleek, New Design
* E-books: The giant disruption
and more ...

E-books: The giant disruption

Frederic Filloux writes,
      "I'm an e-book convert. Not by ideology (I love dead-tree books, and I enjoy giving those to friends and family), just pragmatism. E-books are great for impulse buying. Most of the time, it's much cheaper than the print version. This leads to this thought about the coming e-book disruption: We've seen nothing yet."
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At last, they see: E-books 'democratize' publishing

Not known as a hotbed of experimentation, the world of publishing has been slow to embrace the transition from print to e-books. Recently in New York, however, the Tools of Change digital publishing conference attracted entrepreneurs and innovators who are more excited by, rather than afraid of, the future.
      It was the kind of crowd where some were more inclined to say "Steal my book!" than to argue over what that e-book should cost. These are people who see digital publishing not as a threat, but as an opportunity.

Don't build a paywall, create a velvet rope instead

As the newspaper industry continues to flounder, paywalls and other subscription models are becoming more common, with everyone trying to imitate the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Is there any other other option to putting up a turnstile around the news?
      In a nutshell, readers can contribute by providing their time, their information or their money. Ideally, a truly interactive digital-media outlet would make use of all three of these, in order to build relationships with readers that are about more than just a cash grab.
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Six Easy Tweaks for a Sleek, New Design

With these simple suggestions, you can soup up your publication's style while saving your design budget.
      A refreshing new look for your publication can boost readers' interest while jumpstarting the creative energy of your publications staff. However, hiring an outside firm for a redesign is costly, which was a challenge we faced at the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)
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Study: Americans reading more e-books on computers than e-readers, phones

One in five Americans read an ebook in the past year, according to a 3,000-person survey released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center. Of those one in five, 42% said they read an ebook on a computer, making it the most popular device for reading electronic copies of books.
      It's a surprising finding, in part because desktops aren't the most enjoyable nor convenient device for reading ebooks, and partly because most ebook publishers and retailers have prioritized mobile, ereader and tablet reading experiences over the desktop.
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