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FastPencil self-publishing platformFastPencil is now in the beta launch of their first self-publishing platform. This new effort allows authors to write, share, publish and sell their books. FastPencil strips out the cost and complexity of the publishing process and allows anyone to write and publish a book regardless of the topic or their experience level.

Writers now have a single service to create and write a book, easily share their work with trusted friends and publish instantly as traditionally bound books or paperless e-books. Through a process called Guided Collaboration, FastPencilers can connect with like-minded people, pool resources, chat, gather feedback from reviewers and collaborate with other authors.

Steve Wilson, FastPencil Co-Founder and CEO says

quoting FastPencil makes the book-writing process painless - from concept to a printed book, and our community makes it the easiest, fastest and most exciting way to write and collaborate ... Whether you are writing a Best Seller like Harry Potter, collaborating on a cookbook or printing a modified version of A Christmas Carol using your kid's names, now anyone can publish a first-rate book. end quote

FastPencil makes the book-writing process painlessFor the first time, writers can use a single service to create, share and publish their original works, convert their blogs to books and modify one of the many FastPencil Classics to make it their own. After signing up for the service, FastPencilers can select a book template and begin writing, paste in text from previously saved work or upload their blog, which is automatically formatted into chapters. They can also add photos and illustrations to help make the content more engaging.

At any time during the creative process writers can invite their social network, fellow authors and FastPencil experts to review and provide comments on the book. Once the book is complete, the FastPencil self-publishing wizard steps the authors through the process of having their book delivered to their doorsteps, formatted for e-books or listed at leading online bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This write-once and publish anywhere approach ensures the book can be read anywhere today and in the future.

FastPencil Features:

  • Hosted self-publishing platform: online writing and collaboration tools
  • Select from a variety of book templates
  • Enhance chapters and front and back covers with images
  • Blog to Book: easily import your blog into a book
  • Author services including consulting, design services and formatting
  • Integrated self-publishing wizard for step by step assistance
  • Publish to e-book formats
  • Online book distribution at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • FastPencil Classics: access to many royalty free titles including Tarzan of the Apes and Cinderella

The FastPencil Basic service is free and includes book templates, writing platform and ability to connect with the community. Additional publishing packages include consulting, author and editorial services, custom formatting and distribution, which are available at Silver and Gold levels.

FastPencil Publishing Packages
FastPencil Publishing Packages

Silicon Valley-based FastPencil takes the pain out of the entire book-writing process from concept to finished product. The FastPencil self-publishing platform enables writers to create their books online, share their work with a trusted network of friends and professionals, and publish their books on demand either as bound books or e-books. For regular FastPencil updates follow us at, become a Fan on Facebook at and for more information, please visit FastPencil is a registered trademark of FastPencil, Inc. All other registered or unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

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On May 31st, NV said:

It has a lot of advantages. I completely agree with you. Here is a great video which shows how to use FastPencil .

On March 24th, Polleanne said:

I already a graduate from an essay service using web design, good thing I heard about this.


I will recommend my junior and my senior year relatives about this. Thank you for your information.

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On December 1st, loan said:

Hello and thanks for this article, it really ties into the future of publishing.
I'm in the banking business, but like to desktop publishing publications on my own for churches and local civic organizations. This definitely looks like the way to go.



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On June 21st, WINTERSMAI24 said:

This is the revolution they talked about for so long.

I'm really glad the industry is ramping up because now so many other people will have good opportunities to publish

Barbara Wright

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