5 Tips for Turning Your Blog Into a Book

by Sarah Gilbert

5 Tips for Turning Your Blog Into a Book Over the last decade, blogging has been steadily increasing in popularity. In fact, Nielsen/McKinsey has gone from tracking 36 million blogs, just five years ago, to tracking over 181 million blogs by the end of 2011. Many of these bloggers may be looking for a way to compile or get more out of the posts they have written, which makes turning them into a book or eBook an ideal option.

Sarah Gilbert, director of sales at Lulu.com explains

Quoting  begins Being able to turn one's blog into a book is a great way to further share their message, as well as increase their earning potential ... Plus, turning your blog into a book is actually a lot easier than you may think. Quoting  ends

Some bloggers choose to turn their blog into a book in order to create a memoir, while others aim to create a business book. Still others publish theirs for sheer entertainment value. No matter what the reason is, here are five tips to keep in mind for successfully turning your blog into a book:

  • Make a plan. For many people, the most difficult part of turning a blog into a book is actually putting the plan into action, rather than just thinking or talking about it. Make a goal to get it done, and work toward it daily.
  • Weed through posts. Obviously, not all posts are going to be worthy of publication in the book. Sift through the blog posts to determine which ones should be included in the selection to be published.
  • Create a flow. Once the blog posts have been narrowed down, it will be important to consider how to create a good book flow with them. Some people may choose to stick with chronological order, such as how they were published, while others may find that it makes more sense to group the entries by topic or in some other way.
  • Determine the format. Options include both print and e-book formats. While some people choose one over the other, those who offer their work in both formats tend to sell more books. Consider which routes make the most sense for your situation.
  • Promote the book. Whether it's an eBook or print book, you will need to find ways to promote it. However, your blog likely remains the best marketing avenue. Readers may prefer to have the print book or eBook, which provides them with a more focused and uninterrupted opportunity to read your posts.

Gilbert adds

Quoting  begins We have helped many people successfully turn their blog into a book ... We have provided the tools that make it easy and affordable, and that make it available to a wide variety of readers, regardless of their preferred book format. Bloggers really have nothing to lose by turning their blog into a book, and everything to gain. Quoting  ends

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