Creative Update #164: Type, lettering, illustration and design for 2014

by Fred Showker

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Best of 2013: Top Tips, Insights, and Tricks

Creative Inspiration January

In 2013, you learned about egos, built the (scientifically) perfect workspace, and educated your clients. You might’ve even learned how to build habits that stick, dress the part, and avoid creativity killers. . . . it's Behance's best posts of 2013 creative Amateurs The 5 Most Dangerous Creativity Killers creative Amateurs The Key to Getting Motivated: Give Up creative Amateurs Get Over Yourself: How Your Ego Sabotages Your Creativity creative Amateurs 7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity
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3D Type Sculptures + Animation

Creative Inspiration January

Imagine setting your logo design into motion. Then imagine it's so complicated most designers today couldn't even draw it, much less animate it. This is seriously outstanding inspiration, folks! (Be sure to click on the sample link below)
      It's the work of Ben Johnson, Toronto based 26 year old self-taught designer, letterer & illustrator - - and Mark Simmons Industrial Designer in Toronto with focus on Industrial Design, Product Design and Graphic Design
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Professionals vs. Amateurs

Creative Inspiration January

on the infographic, or need a hi res version for publication purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me at Reader Chris from Space Chimp sent this in ... we found it interesting.
      The infographic portrays the role of professionals vs. amateurs in the current web design market. It's from Webydo, a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code.
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The Design Federation

Creative Inspiration January

Well, there's no guessing what people will come up with next -- we've seen just about every permutation of the word "design" you could imagine -- but who would guess anyone audacious enough to call themselves "Design Federation" ??? Well, this Australian organization does!
      Design Federation is an independent platform for Australia's creative community. They have established yet another web-based information exchange hub for the latest in design news, events, projects and emerging identities in the region. Some cool stuff there, so check'em out
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