Marketing Update : promotions into fall

by Fred Showker

Marketing updates for designers, agencies, marketers and public relations Make some money! Marketing, promotion, content strategy, best practices -- important consideration for all designers... this issue:
* Why content marketing is a great SEO strategy, not a short-term tactic
* 5 Tips for Maintaining a Social Media Presence with a Skeleton Crew
* Content Strategy: Elevate Your Content Marketing in 6 Easy Steps
* Breathe new life into your marketing with visual content
* The press release diet: A 12-step program
* 7 mobile marketing best-practices
... and more

Breathe new life into your marketing with visual content

Visual content is awesome. It grabs your audience's attention, it's quick to consume, it's shareable, and for those for whom writing is a bigger nightmare than those dreams where you're late for school and don't have any pants on, visual content is a nice alternative to keep your content creation machine chugging.
      Most people don't have any trouble coming up with ways to integrate visual content into, say, their social strategy (or maybe they do, which is why we're covering it in this post for good measure). But you should be thinking about the role visual content plays in all of your marketing channels -- from social media, to organic search, to your email marketing. Ready to learn how to integrate visual content in your marketing channels?
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7 mobile marketing best-practices

Have you optimized your email marketing, search marketing, and local marketing efforts for mobile? How effective is the user experience of your website on a mobile device?
      If you aren't tailoring your marketing for a mobile audience, you could be selling your marketing efforts short - and missing a huge opportunity to get results. Here are seven best-practices for reaping the most benefit from your mobile marketing efforts.
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Why content marketing is a great SEO strategy, not a short-term tactic

Content marketing is a great SEO strategy - even better better than link building. Shifting your strategy from search marketing to content marketing is increasingly leading to higher search rankings and more organic traffic.
      Some tests in May that looked at the impact of Google+ to organic search performance produced some interesting results.
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The press release diet: A 12-step program

Denise Graveline writes :
      I want you to go on a diet, communicators. A press release diet. While you're fanning yourself in horror, let me explain. This idea stems from two separate trains of thought. The first is my conviction that not enough communications shops are using social media to replace old and outdated practices in communications, instead piling on social tasks along with the traditional to-do list.
      The second is the persistent drumbeat I hear from reporters who keep telling me how overwhelmed they are with press releases - press releases that rarely wind up generating press coverage, because they're not newsworthy, too long, or have been sent to reporters who will never, ever use them because they don't cover anything remotely like what's in the release.
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Content Strategy: Elevate Your Content Marketing in 6 Easy Steps

So you're on the road to an inspiring and informative content campaign. You've assembled the necessary resources, outlined the general plan and maybe even started planning out some themes you want to attack as you move forward. Now it's time to think about how to make your content strategy stick. After all, what's the point of all your hard work and creative genius if your posts don't generate a following? Here are six steps you can follow to produce high-quality, search-optimized articles on a consistent basis.
      These steps will ensure your content also flows with ease into the algorithmic crawlings of search engines.
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5 Tips for Maintaining a Social Media Presence with a Skeleton Crew

For many PR pros, the summer months are a time of year when things slow down --just slightly, of course. However, when it comes to managing your brand's social media presence, you've got to stick with it. And that takes time and commitment from your staff, regardless of when they're fleeing the office for vacation.
      The following steps can provide, at the very least, a baseline for consumer engagement while enabling brands to be active on social networks every day -- even when half the staff is at the beach.

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