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Lucy Rosen Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts

Lucy Rosen Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into ContactsNational networking expert Lucy Rosen has spent more than twenty five years networking - both as the founder and president of a bi-coastal marketing/public relations agency and as the founder and president of the national networking organization Women on the Fast Track. Now she's sharing her networking expertise with readers across the country with the publication of her latest book - revealing the networking secrets, and successes, of some of the best networkers in the country and offering a unique step-by-step approach to networking proven to put people on the fast track.

Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts, written with award-winning journalist Claudia Gryvatz Copquin, offers an insider's look from the woman dubbed the "Queen of Networking" into what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to networking. In addition, the book is filled with real-life "networking success stories" of leading business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the country - highlighting how networking helped them in their careers - and offering valuable real-life-lessons that every networker needs to know -- now -- to take their career to the next level.

Lucy Rosen Women on the Fast Track Rosen, who has been featured in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, PINK magazine and Working Mother and interviewed on numerous national and local broadcast outlets -- comments:

Quoting Lucy Rosen Women on the Fast Track begins Networking isn't giving your business card to everyone you meet, or collecting as many business cards as you can and then calling all the people the next morning and trying to sell them your widget. Yet unfortunately, that's still how far too many people approach the concept of networking ... When done right, networking can often be the differentiating factor that helps you land the deal, or in today's times land the job, so it's critical that people know how to approach networking in a way that not only builds relationships, but builds business. There's an art to turning a run-of-the-mill conversation into a life-long contact, and the building of these valuable contacts is what this book is all about. Quoting Lucy Rosen Women on the Fast Track ends

Fast Track Networking offers seasoned advice not only from Rosen - the founder/president of the national marketing firm SmartMarketing Solutions Group, but from a number of other successful executives who share their networking strategies in this informative, and insightful, book. Peppered with anecdotes and networking tips from business leaders throughout all industries, including Build-A-Bear founder and CEO Maxine Clark and Alison Berke Morano, Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party Chairs Association, the book is designed to turn today's fledgling networkers into fast-track networkers, providing an easy-to-follow plan guaranteed to get results.

A fresh approach to networking written in Rosen's unique down-to-earth style, the book covers today's most important concepts when it comes to this area of growing interest to professionals, with chapters including: Networking is Like Dating. Only Better, Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter, Oh My: How Smart Networkers are Using Social Media to Make -- and Keep -- Great Contacts, and Position is Everything: Where to Stand, How to Navigate the Crowd ... as well as Other Advice on What "Works" in Working Every Room you Enter.

coverStrategic Alliances: How the Right Partnership Can Boost Your Business ... and Beyond
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