4 Apps to Enhance the TV Second-Screen Experience

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4 Apps to Enhance the TV Second-Screen Experience

So far this year, shipments of computing devices are up by 6 percent to 2.4 billion, with a far greater focus on smartphones and tablets than PCs, TechCrunch reports. If you're one of the 30 million consumers who watch TV on a mobile device (according to Nielsen data), there are some great social, interactive apps out there that sync live programming directly to your personal device. They enhance what experts call the "second-screen experience."

As more people adopt this method of getting their entertainment programming, demand for reliable resources of high-quality content remains high. A variety of tools and websites, such as direct-ticket.net, have sprung up to help viewers gain access to the best deals out there. A company called Watchwith is at the forefront of developing unique technology, with capabilities for show-related behind-the-scenes info, polls and trivia. In the meantime, here is a brief list of apps you can download so you can get started enjoying your personal second-screen experience:


As the name suggests, this second-screen app helps you find something to watch that appeals to you. This app uses data from your social media account and your Netflix viewing options to help make suggestions directly to you. This handy second-screen app answers the classic, "If you like this, you might try..." conundrum, based on your own tastes and preferences in television, movies, sports and news.
GO nextguide.tv


Another app to help you figure out to watch in real-time on your smartphone or tablet is Boxfish. Directly targeting sports aficionados and news hounds, Boxfish offers you information about what news and sports dialogue is airing at any given time and further helps connect key words in that dialogue with your interests. You will always know what's trending for your favorite topic and be able to join the viewing experience right away.
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Viggle wants to reward its subscribers for being a loyal viewer on this third-party app. In addition to finding your favorite programming, use the app to earn points, with a potential for prizes and rewards, simply for "checking in" during airings and broadcasts. Admonster reports that this companion app has been downloaded more than two million times and that, on average, subscribers interact with the app at least 20 days per month.
GO www.viggle.com


Fast Company's Co.Create noted Shazam's 2012 Super Bowl dominance in second-screen viewing, mentioning that a full third of the sports event's airing was "Shazamable." The previously music-only recognition app has built its customer base to 175 million users around the globe, with 60 million users in the U.S. alone since its 2002 inception. Shazam has been building its television app since its 2010 collaboration with Dockers and continues to make strides in the industry.
GO www.shazam.com

Prepare to enjoy the next phase of television viewing on your favorite electronic device with these third-party, second-screen apps that deliver your favorite programming directly to you.

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