Publishing Update 1403 : Is digital really greener than paper?

by Fred Showker

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Make your content matter

A drip campaign is your chance to feed your members and prospects the information you want them to have about your association, when you want them to have it. A well-planned and executed drip campaign is a powerful tool for your association, as it gets your message out while saving you time and manpower.
      But what's the one thing that is key to a successful drip marketing campaign?
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Media study reveals preferred methods of delivery for different messages

The Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly published a new report that reveals preferred methods of delivery based on the type of communication. The findings also suggest that industry should focus on what the study terms "media verticals" rather than "market verticals."
      Authored by Harvey Levenson, GrCI director, the study is titled "What Does Media Mean to You?" and provides insight on the communication value of different media for different types of messages.
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Ready to bust some print and paper myths?

The following video from Two Sides features facts and figures about the important role that paper and print media play in an environmentally sustainable world. This is a great resource for professionals in the graphic communications value chain who want to share facts and figures, and dispel "greenwashing" myths about print and paper. The video is an animated version of its "Eco-Graphic," a full-color infographic poster available for download.
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