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 Entrepreneur's Start Up Checklist Start Up Checklist is a unique new business product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, providing expert help and advice on setting up a business, as well as selling goods and services to the US Government. The app offers all forms, spreadsheets, resources, tips and templates necessary for entrepreneurs to get started. Ten percent of sale proceeds are used to provide interest-free micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Rob Hegedus, President and CEO of Entrepreneur Outfitters said

Quoting begins This is a complete business start up kit, built from the company's knowledge and firsthand experience. Following the success of our Government contracting company, we created the Start Up Checklist to help other entrepreneurs break into the government market space... Quoting ends

Start Up Checklist includes everything

The success that Hegedus refers to includes building a $1.7 million business in only two years. All of the acquired knowledge from that experience is now available to users, just by downloading the app.

Start Up Checklist includes everything a budding entrepreneur needs, from more than $500 worth of documents to templates, crucial forms, resources and tips. The app walks users through the set up process, step-by-step. When all thirty-six steps are followed, users will have a business of their own and have things in place to start selling to the government.

Start Up Checklist Everything contained in this application used to be available only in print and cost $150. Thanks to the app development, users are able to download the same information for only $7.99.

Some of the features offered in Start Up Checklist include:

  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Previously only available in print for $150
  • Includes the same 36 simple, guided steps to follow that built a $1.7M biz in 2 years
  • Contains all the files, worksheets, tips and templates to get users up and running
  • Save and instantly access important business information
  • Created by a contractor experienced in selling to the US Government
  • 10% of all proceeds will provide interest-free micro loans to aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe

As part of Entrepreneur Outfitters' commitment to help as many people as possible start a business, ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of Start Up Checklist will be used to provide interest-free micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world.

Device Requirements: * iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * Requires iOS 3.2 or later * 3.7 MB

Start Up Checklist 1.0 is only $7.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.
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Start Up Checklist Start Up Checklist
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