New Way to License Art

by Fred Showker

 New Way to License Art In my years as an employer of artists, designers and creatives, I've learned one thing: the better the creative, the worse the business person. Now, there's a new software package designed specifically for artists in the art licensing industry to help them track all aspects of their business.

The Art Licensing Manager Software connects Art, Collections, Contacts, Licensees, Licenses, and Contracts data so information can be found quickly. The Art Licensing Manager 2.0 was rewritten from the ground up to make data entry simple and accessible from several perspectives.

Tara Reed from ArtLicensingInfo. said

Quoting  begins After 7 years of using post it notes and multiple, cumbersome spreadsheets, I decide enough was enough - it was time to get organized. I found Hal at Camp Software and we've worked together to create an Art Licensing Manager system that works for me and I believe can work for any artist who licenses their work. Quoting  ends

The goal of the Art Licensing Manager is to allow artists to spend more time making art than managing their data. Every feature included in the Art Licensing Manager has come from the need of an artist.

With the software, artists can easily track and see the following information:

  • * Art collections, individual art images, codes, etc.
  • * Copyright information: year created, date submitted to Library of Congress, registration numbers
  • * Manufacturers: current or potential licensees
  • * Contract details: who, what, term, territory, royalty rates, notification dates, art and product details
  • * Licensed products: by collection or art being reviewed by manufacturers as well
  • * Royalties: by licensee, by collection, and more
  • * Contacts: Organize your contacts and create mailing labels from within the program
  • * Backup information: free form to detail where you backup your art or any other notes
  • * Attachments: logos, images, files, sound bites and more

The Art Licensing Manager was designed using the award winning FileMaker Pro database platform and it can be used on Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone. The software is available for $299 (USD) as a single user applications including a bundled version of FileMaker for either Mac or Windows at no additional cost and a limited use demo can be downloaded and tested before purchasing the software. Artists who already own FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go will receive a separate FileMaker database to run the Art Licensing Manager 2.0.

Hal Gumbert from CampSoftware, said

Quoting  begins By leveraging FileMaker Pro, we were able to let artists choose how they access their data by offering the ability to use the Art Licensing Manager by artists with a small staff, on mobile devices, and even to companies with hundreds of artists. Quoting  ends
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