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Niles Technology Group, developer of Achievers Writing Center appsNiles Technology Group, developer of Achievers Writing Center apps, has launched its mobile app affiliate program. One of the first of its kind, non-profit organizations can now fundraise by having a series of mobile apps branded with their name and receive 10% of the revenue. Fundraise world-wide for your cause by teaming up with the #1 essay writing mobile app company and present your organization to 50 million potential donors.

Achievers Writing Center, for the iPhone and iPod touch Michael Niles, president of Niles Technology Group says.

Quoting  begins "Non-profits such as high schools, colleges, universities, and civic organizations have long since sold tee-shirts, chocolate, and pendants to fundraise ... However, those sales have local limitations and limited market size, and I wanted to find a way to leverage the global market of mobile apps to deliver a 21st Century fundraising product." Quoting  ends

Niles Technology Group's affiliate program gives non-profits instant global reach, the mobile technology to attract donors on the go, and the credibility of an established student-oriented product.

Achievers Writing Center, for the iPhone and iPod touch, is a full-service writing center in an app. The apps provide a top-of-the-line mobile essay writing platform; complete with live writing assistants and professional editing services. Launched last June, the apps have grown more and more popular each month with both students and schools praising the content, features, and the convenience of working anywhere, anytime. With this program, non-profit organizations can provide students the same innovative product, while fundraising at the same time.

The affiliate program is simple. A set of Achievers Writing Center apps is created with the organization's name. When someone buys an app, the organization receives a share of the revenue. The apps are currently sold world-wide. Organization members and supporters spread the word to friends, family members, and associates how purchasing the apps helps with the sometimes difficult task of essay writing, plus it also supports the non-profit with a donation. Helping students and a worthy cause, with one purchase, could not be any easier.

This is a 100% turnkey fundraising solution. Niles Technology Group handles everything. It develops the apps at no cost to the organization; delivers the exact same technology and software support given the standard apps; manages the apps in the iTunes App Store; and, each month, prepares a detailed accounting statement along with the donation. For more information about this new, unique fundraising program contact Michael Niles at the Niles Technology Group.

Achievers Writing Center

Niles Technology Group was founded in 2007 to develop software for emerging technologies and is developing a series of mobile computing applications dedicated to teaching superior writing and logical thinking skills. With its experience in the technology and content required to develop full-featured products for students, Niles Technology Group is already in the top 25 of all iPhone app publishers and the Achievers Writing Center and Essay Writing Wizard apps have sold successfully worldwide. The key to Niles Technology Group's success is specificity. Each app is specific to the writing task at hand. Michael A. Niles, the founder, was formerly, for eight years, the President and CEO of The Right Education, Inc. (TRE), a web-based educational technology company that developed The Learning Accelerator. He looks forward to continuing to bring top-line education products to the mobile computing marketplace. Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Niles Technology Group. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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