My New iPhone

by Fred Showker

Well, actually it's not mine. It's my wife's. I'm still holding out for the ultimate personal device (UPD) and while the iPhone is almost there -- it's not quite. But we had gone around and around with Verizon so much over billing and other problems, when the contract ran out, Carol decided to go with the iPhone. Our son is on his third, and has shown us so much cool stuff, we had to take a serious look. (His first was stolen at a bar in Florida, the second one was the landing pad for a nasty skate-boarding spill! No, they won't hold up under that kind of abuse.) So we decided to take ATT up on their 30-day trial and set off for a road trip to Key West and back.

Yes, she did it -- it worked so well and was so cool, she bought it. But there were some bumps in the road. Getting email hooked up, downloading apps, taking photos and attaching them to email ... barriers in learning this new gizmo. We figured out how to make phone calls, but most everything else took some considerable trial and error. Then, our friend Travis said here's what you need -- along with a copy of Wallace Wang's new book "My New iPhone."

The book is now tightly held by my wife, who says "This is a great book! I've discovered lots of new features -- and even got through the upgrading process so I can now attach photos to email!"

The interesting thing is, I also supplied her with several other books on the iPhone and none were met with such 100% blanket approval. The 'step-by-step', project based approach seems to really work well with beginners, and so far it's been completely accurate. (That is once we went through the misery of Apple's system, iTunes and iPhone upgrades -- hours held hostage online while upgrade after upgrade was downloaded!) So, the other books will be given away as Christmas gifts!

If you're getting, or already own an iPhone -- you need this book! You're going to need answers to dozens of questions like

  • How does the voicemail work?
  • How do you modify the keyboard?
  • How to set bookmarks
  • How to assign different ring tones to different callers?
  • How to set up picture albums with contacts
  • and on and on

You'll also want all the ins and outs of all of those cool apps -- which ones you need, and how do you get them, and so forth -- My New iPhone answered all those and more.

My New iPhone focuses on individual, fun projects, like configuring multiple email accounts, transferring your music, and syncing your computer with your iPhone.

There is a lot to the new iPhone

  • View weather predictions, traffic patterns, flight information, and stocks
  • Take notes, text message your friends, and browse the web
  • Customize your iPhone by rearranging icons and changing its wallpaper and sound effects
  • Find and install the best new applications and games
  • Browse iTunes, listen to music, and watch YouTube videos
  • Use Skype to call your family for free
  • Create your own ringtones and get free podcasts and audiobooks

Alicia Hagan, Editor of "The Mommy Insider" says

This project-oriented book will have you using your iPhone like a pro in no time. My advice is to buy the book, put it in your car and read it while you are waiting in the carpool/pick-up line at school. You can easily cover a few projects while waiting.*

So if you're planning on getting an iPhone, just get this book at the same time. You'll be thanking me, and Wallace Wang if you do!

coverMy New iPhone
52 Simple Projects to Get You Started
by Wallace Wang
Download: "Turning Your iPhone into a Radio" PDF

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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Wallace Wang is the author of several best-selling computer books, including My New Mac, the Steal This Computer Book series, Steal This File Sharing Book, and The Book of Nero (all No Starch Press). He is also a successful standup comic who has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas.

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