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I've always urged DTG readers to send in their favorite links, and discoveries in the world of graphic design, type, fonts and typography. And people do, generally, send stuff in. Usually however, the submissions are all of the sender's personal or business web sites including lots of keywords just for search engine rankings. Sometimes they're good, and we post them... sometimes they're not so good and go into the bit-bucket known as the Mac's trash can.

Imagine how thrilled when this post from DTG reader Ryan Uhrich arrived on my monitor. Immediately upon the first 10 seconds of this video, I knew it was a feature for this year's Fonts Festival.


Ryan writes about his movie:

typographics This is a student project done by Boca (aka Marcos Ceravolo) and Ryan Uhrich for the term 4 Motion Design Class in the Digital Design Program at VFS (Vancouver Film School).

It is called Typographics, it is an informative motion graphics piece on typography.

Our objective was to use type as the main aestheic and design element to create awareness about the evolution and main characteristics of typography. Both the music and voice over used in the piece make reference to 1950's TV and Radio advertising.

We are targeting designers and non designers who have an interest in typography and want to learn more about it.

View film:

You can share the movie via this YouTube link.

Learn more about Ryan Uhrich, and see another work by Marcos Ceravolo as a Live Action: Finalist in the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards called: DROP.

Type & Typography in motion: Kinetic Typography

Here are just a few other movies we've bookmarked at the DTG Magazine YouTube page. There are many others, but these represent some of the best we've seen. If you have typography projects, whether print or movies, please let me know.

NOTE this: Typography School & Sloppy Students -- this is a MUST SEE video ... Veteran graphic design/typography and letterpress teacher from the London College of Printing: David Dabner talks about type and typography... giving an insight into the principles of design, creative letterpress and why computers make students sloppy. -- view video

NOTE this: Who's on First? Typography Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" routine using typography only....kinetic typography bud abbott and lou costello who's on first motion graphics animation -- view video

NOTE this: Kinetic Typography - The Kinetic Typography engine is a Java software library created for rendering written content as animated text. Project by Johnny Chung Lee....animation typography kinetic storytelling -- view video

NOTE this: Adolf Hitler Speech using Kinetic Typography - Adolf Hitlers 1939 speech at the Kroll Theater put into motion with Adobe After Effects....Hitler Jews Adolf Holocaust Murder Animation World War History -- view video

NOTE this: Typography Motion Video "conscious" - Andre Lipsey for the audio remix. schrunk uni flash after effects typography animation conscious student motion graphics -- view video

NOTE this: Brazil Typography - MK12 Studio - Machismo. Thanks to spigumus for the info....Brazil Typography Machismo Macho Box -- view video

NOTE this: Pulp Fiction in Typography By Jarratt Moody...Artfully created Typography animation of a passage from the movie Pulp Fiction by Jarratt Moody Marsellus Wallace (Beware: rated 'R' adult content, violent language) -- view video

And, you can see many, many movies under "Typography" in YouTube.

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher: DTG Magazine
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